How memory loss has contributed to starting a family-related business during the 2020 pandemic

How memory loss has contributed to starting a family-related business during the 2020 pandemic

Family Tree Gift – A perfect gift idea for your family.
Family Tree Gift is a small family business that was set up during the COVID-19 period from the need to help beloved grandparents. The company produces fully bespoke family trees that are not only a home decoration, but also provide therapeutic value for elders.

The founder of the Family Tree Gift, Anna Janovsky, reports the unusual factors that contributed to the establishment of her company.

“It all began when my grandparents started having the first symptoms of memory loss. Both of them were doctors and their brilliant minds were their tools of the trade. Unfortunately, retirement and the new passive lifestyle had a negative influence on their mental health. For years, the problem has grown significantly to the extent that in February 2020, they stopped distinguishing family members and their names. When the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly appeared and my work projects slowed down, I decided to spend this extra time with my grandparents and focus on their needs.

I grew up in a family which was strongly involved in genealogy research. My parents had a talent for finding ancestors and, in time, they started to do it more professionally. Thus, it was a natural idea to make a cheat sheet for my grandparents; a family tree which supposed to help them remember our names and faces every day.

By education, I’m a retoucher and designer with a Master of Arts degree, so I was naturally the right person to complete this task. I designed the family tree, printed it. and finally framed the image. The project was finished a few days before my grandparents’ wedding anniversary, so the upcoming occasion fitted perfectly.

The present was a bullseye and my grandparents were very moved. In that moment, I realized that it could result in more than just a single gift. After a couple of months of hard work, I was ready to share my family tree product with other families. After some SEO struggling and blog posting, I’ve started getting orders from all over the world.

The basis of my business idea was simple; I wanted my customers to be able to choose and personalize the design so it would match their interiors. I also focused on accessibility and usability for elder users. Therefore, I decided to use a very intuitive online creator on my website that allows anyone to adjust a family tree gift by choosing a background template and frame style in just a few steps.

Although I’m still at the beginning of this journey, I do believe that this positive message will bring us many great business opportunities. I really wish that for ourselves and for everybody else.”

If you still don’t know what to give your loved ones, stop struggling with boring present ideas. Choose a Family Tree Gift and surprise your family and friends with this simple, bespoke innovation. This present idea will be more than a supreme decoration for your home, it’ll be the crowning jewel in your family life and a symbol of your bonds.

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