Chris AKA dream talks about the effects of an unhealthy life

New York, USA – A certified PT, celebrity fitness coach, and a profound bodybuilder, Chris AKA Dreams is an established name of the fitness industry. The Fitness guru always motivates millennials to lead a healthy life even in this pandemic when people have to stay home as a safety measure to surpass the novel infection of COVID 19.

Working from home, attending virtual meetings, and socializing online with friends and family is a new norm and most of the people have been settled down with this new lockdown routine. But it is not fortunate for many accustomed to some unhealthy habits like sitting in one place for hours, eating unhealthy and not getting regular exercise, as usual, can lead to face lots of health-related issues. 

Throwing the light on how an unhealthy lifestyle takes a toll on health in the future and to avoid such circumstances, Chris AKA Dream can help with some useful tips to make life easier and healthier for many. The New York-based fitness coach shares valuable tips via his Instagram motivating how to live a more balanced lifestyle by adopting clean eating and regular exercise to help avoid long-term health problems later down the line.

With the Fitness industry changing over the last decade, this COVID chaos has made the industry forced to acquire some new changes as the easing lockdown is for essential things only, Gyms are still not on the hit list. Now the world is connected virtually, so the fitness mogul is offering free tips and online training to transform lives like many of us facing the challenges to keep motivated towards a healthy lifestyle. 

He revealed that a person’s fitness is based upon four pillars of lifestyle, balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep, and emotional detox which have to work in tandem for maintaining the perfect balance. Especially in this ongoing pandemic, people are feeling heightened levels of anxiety and stress, which is why it is so important to keep our bodies as well as our minds in check, says Chris AKA Dream.

Former athlete Chris is an acclaimed bodybuilder and weight lifter. He has graced many billboards and featured on the cover page of esteem Muscle Sports magazine. As a lifestyle and weight management coach, Chris has confidence in pushing customers out of their customary range of familiarity with the goal that they can make the best of their physical capacities.

For the best bits of advice and customized training and plans connect and follow Chris AKA Dream on Instagram.             

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