Children from Chengdu, China cheered up kids worldwide with songs about COVID-19

A video from Chengdu, China has attracted great attention recently.

Accompanying with moving pictures of people all over the world fighting against the COVID-19, Children from Chengdu sang Auld Lang Syne with very familiar melody, linking hearts of people all around the world by simple but powerful lyrics.

This year, countries across the globe have made tremendous efforts on the prevention of COVID-19. These loving children from Chengdu also express their encouragement for other children around the world with their sincere songs. They believed we could finally win in this battle through cooperation.

These children are the 9 nursery rhymes leading singers from Chengdu Common Chengdu New Nursery Rhymes, Singing Tianfu New Children’s Voices Chengdu excellent rhythm composing and singing event. While conveying the confidence to the children worldwide, they also publicized the beautiful scenery of Chengdu via video and invited the friends worldwide to pay a visit to Chengdu after the triumph over the COVID-19.

The text in the video describes:We are lead singers of the Most Beautiful Chengdu Nursery Rhymes campaign in 2019. The Most Beautiful Chengdu Nursery Rhymes campaign in 2019 brings excellent nursery rhymes to the world. By collecting and sing the most beautiful nursery rhyme. Last year, we sang nursery rhymes in many places in Chengdu, hoping to tell people all over the world that Chengdu is beautiful. This year, COVID-19 affects the whole world. We see that all countries in the world, have made tremendous efforts on the prevention of coronavirus. As together living in the global village. As long as we unite as one, we believe the coronavirus will be soon defeated. At that time, we invite you to come to Chengdu and sing with us, shall we?

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