With Stream Lounge, Sync Playback to Watch Netflix Television Shows, Movies with Friends, Family, and New Connections

United States – Stream Lounge, new streaming, and community tool, is allowing people around the world to synchronize playback of television shows and movies. Creating an atmosphere where people can watch and chat together in real-time from anywhere in the world, Stream Lounge is revolutionizing the streaming experience for the digital age.

Never before has it been possible to share the experience of watching one’s favorite television shows or movies with friends and family, or to discover new movies and shows while making friends, from anywhere in the world. For the first time, people can sit comfortably in their homes, either in front of their computers or in their living rooms and bedrooms, and instantly sync playback of their favorite Netflix programs.

Stream Lounge provides users with unique features, such as the ability to collect followers, deliver real-time commentary, and find other interesting people to interact with. Labeled the “Twitch” of Netflix and television streaming, users will get notified when a friend or family member is watching a show or movie, or when anyone begins watching something on one’s list of favorites.

Popular shows and movies are being streamed on Stream Lounge now, including titles like “Dexter,” “Space Force,” “The Office,” “Patriots Day,” and “The Art of War.” Dozens of titles are available and being streamed, synchronized for unified experiences among friends and family worldwide.

As people worldwide stay indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Stream Lounge makes it possible to continue sharing in a community watching experience with friends and family, new or old, around the world. Gone are the days of needing to be physically present with one another to enjoy a favorite television show or movie and real-time commentary. Instead, anyone can sit comfortably and enjoy a shared, synchronized playback experience that creates community, reduces feelings of isolation, and revolutionizes the online streaming experience. 

“We are proud to be revolutionizing the digital streaming experience,” remarked Chad Little, Chief Product Officer of Stream Lounge. “In this digital age, stay at home and watch shows or movies together on Netflix, while maintaining social connections. Streams can be private for just friends and family, or public and open to anyone, anywhere.”

Currently available for Netflix television shows and movies, Stream Lounge is developing compatibility for other streaming services like Amazon Video, Hulu, and Disney+. A global, industry-wide initiative to reshape the video playback and commentary experience, Stream Lounge is available for free and as an in-browser extension.

About Stream Lounge

Stream Lounge takes the fun of Twitch and brings it to Netflix. Allowing people to synchronize playback of Netflix movies and television shows, Stream Lounge makes it possible to watch and chat together in real-time, build followers with commentary, and find new, interesting people to follow and interact with. Compatibility for Amazon Video, Hulu, and Disney+ is in development.

To learn more, please visit StreamLounge.io.

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