The latest track “Gusta” by Herb Barclay Project is a groovy summer hit with catchy holiday vibes

A talented multifaceted artist, Herb Barclay is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and DJ who creates unique music. Inspired by different genres like pop, Latin, dance, Rasta, and hip-hop, Herb’s music is a perfect blend of Vintage Style and 21st Century music, wrapped in his own creative ideas and innovation. Herb works as HERB BARCLAY PROJECT in collaboration with a crew consisting of international artists and rappers, who brings the beauty of diversity to his production. His songs have been added to over 250 playlists and played on the radio over 3200 times.

The HERB BARCLAY PROJECT has many great songs up his sleeves including “Oh Baby”, which combines amazing Latino rhymes with acoustic instruments, danceable beats, and Rasta creating a magical zone for the listeners. In April 2020, Herb released his single titled “Save the World” which is already in the limelight. This track is based on social criticism that highlights and draws attention to social problems and gives people hope and motivation.

The newest feather on HERB BARCLAY PROJECT hat is his latest release “Gusta”, put out on all streaming platforms recently, on June 26, 2020. Just within few days of its release, this track is already played on numerous radio stations worldwide. Herb loves to release a summer song every year, and “Gusta” is his summer song for 2020. This track is a Latino-Pop summer hit production with a fantastic Latin, dance and holiday feeling, inspired by the love of Latino-Pop music and our worldwide fans.

“Beginning as a club DJ, the love for music quickly developed, and later, due to the influences of DJ colleagues and producers, the first production happened. Due to collaborations, several releases appeared as ghost productions for many DJs and producers worldwide. In 2018 we decided to produce under the own name and label”, says Herb Barclay, telling about his musical journey.

Herb has always been fascinated by discovering and implementing new things. He is inspired by the uniqueness behind the music and how it lets people express them with so much clarity. The diversity of the possible mix of genres and the constant inspiration to inspire fans and other people with the music is the key that keeps him going.

HERB BARCLAY PROJECTs unique style of music is a result of his enthusiasm for different genres and artists. There are a few artists whom he considers as his role model including Pitbull, The Black Eyed Peas, as well as legends such as Tone-Loc and Fat Boy Slim. His music style is a mixture that is unusual at first glance but gives the project a new, unique style with hit potential outside of genre limitation and creates something new.

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