Australian Sandalwood Tea Fetching More Opportunities and Opening better Avenues for Businesses

Australia – Australian Sandalwood Products Pty Ltd, one of the few companies in Australian producing sandalwood tea commercially is focusing more to sell Australian-sourced ingredients at affordable prices and opens better opportunities for businesses globally.

In today’s hustle-bustle in life, Tea is the most popular drink worldwide that still has nonreplaceable importance due to giving stress-free and refreshing feeling when consumed. According to CAGR 2020-2025, the worldwide revenue in the Tea segment in 2020 is 1,041.5m USD and the segment is expected to grow up to 6.9% annually. While China is the nation generating most of the revenue in the said segment i.e. 78,699m USD in 2020 worldwide.

Keeping all these statics and consumer preferences underscored, Australian Sandalwood Products Pty Ltd captured the demand of the sandalwood tea and harvests selected sandalwood forests and plantations in Western Australia. It has become the first company indulged in the production of sandalwood tea in Australia. 

 In the market, users can find an array of teas with different flavors and taste intensity. Matcha Green tea, Jasmine tea, sandalwood tea, and many more, the increasing demand for such products is opening wider avenues for the businesses to cater to the better opportunities gaining higher market share. Peoples’ inclination towards non-caffeinated beverages like herbal teas is more because of the health benefits offered by them is too good to be ignored. Sandalwood tea is also one of them offering exceptional benefits for skin, immunity, anxiety, boosting brain power, and helps in treating insomnia.

Based in Queensland, the company has built up a sandalwood tea creation process based on the conventional procedures of sandalwood tea fabricating in China coupled with the practical use of sandalwood leaves by indigenous individuals inside Australia.

The manufacturing procedure is checked under an explicitly structured quality affirmation program to guarantee the most significant level of food dealing with wellbeing. The company produces Sandalwood tea from 100% Australian Sandalwood leaves, and no other added substances are used in the production.

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