Amcap Cooperate with Rogers Team to Develop a New Financial Technology Platform – eCap

Talking about Wall Street legend Jim Rogers, anyone who familiar with the financial investment industry must have heard about him. He has a legendary investment experience and can stand side by side with other investors in the financial investment community. Countless successful investment experiences endowed him with the reputation of “share genius”, and he also proved time and time again that he deserves this reputation. Every time Jim Rogers makes an investment, it will bring about a wave of investment in the industry. Therefore, every move of Jim Rogers has attracted the attention of investors all over the world.

Recently, Jim Rogers has taken a new action, which is cooperated with AMCAP Investment Company together with his team to develop a new financial technology platform – eCap. eCap is a product developed by AMCAP International and Jim Rogers together with his team with put a lot of financial and human resources. In the process of product development, AMCAP International Company exerts its strong technological strength and deep background in the field of financial technology and combines the financial wisdom support of investment master Jim Rogers. It will definitely become the most worthy fintech trading platform in the world.

Where does ECAP lead other trading platforms? ECAP provides commission-free stock trading, opening accounts quickly and seamlessly, and has innovative functions such as social trading, which allows you to learn the strategies of other traders. In addition, ECAP can provide traders with 24-hour services, and a simple trading interface provides traders with faster and more convenient operations. The most important thing is the profit-making opportunities that ECAP brings to traders. Investors can choose from more than 1,000 assets and manage their investment plans 24/7, freely trading and investing in top stocks and ETFs on ECAP. At the same time, it is also can trade currencies, indices and commodities through CFDs, making it easier and more profitable for investors to invest in the financial market.

ECAP not only can provide investors with an extraordinary trading experience, but also bring opportunities for investors to make money. The reason why ECAP can provide such high-quality services to investors is because of its unique money-making mechanism. The first is the spread, which represents the difference between the buying and selling prices of you and the broker; the second thing is the overnight fee. For this, you need to understand two things; leverage trading and loan leverage means that you can use more funds for trading than actual; and the third is other non-transaction fees. eCap will charge fees for more services that are not directly related to the transaction on its website. This is also called non-transaction fees, such as withdrawal fees and conversion fees.

The investment master Jim Rogers’s vision and forward-looking are rarely seen by domestic investors. He has been allocating assets in China more than ten years ago, and he firmly believes that China will be the world’s most promising economy in the 21st century. He has frequently visited major cities in China in the past five years. Cognition of the market is not only through various online information channels, but also through personal inspection and in-depth understanding in order to make a correct investment judgment. I believe the joint project eCap between Amcap and Jim Rogers will immediately become popular in the world, and we look forward to eCap bringing a better trading experience to investors and sharing the financial wisdom of international investors!

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