“BZ” Unveils His Intriguing Hit Titled “BIG OGA” As This Is Capturing the Minds of The Music Lovers.

It Is A Rap Song Full Of Beats And Lingers On, Filling The Music Lovers With A Higher Level Of Satisfaction

July 6, 2020 – Unveiling “BZ,” a unique rapper with exceptional hitting skills as he will be releasing his single hit called “BIG OGA,” a Nigerian word used to address a chief or someone viewed highly. He’s also a rapper who has created a stir in the entertainment industry. From a multicultural background emerges his art and love for music as he started his career as a teenager performing music in his hometown.

Melodic and rhythmic in his flows, BZ has graced many rapping occasions and has performed excellently well. He is an 18 years old grime rapper from Croydon, South London. He is aiming to illustrate a vision through his lyricism and delivery of his art.

On July 14, 2020, I will be releasing a new single called ‘Big Oga.’ The term ‘Oga’ is a Nigerian word used to address a chief or someone viewed highly. Throughout the song, I express what it is like being a young black CEO as an own a clothing brand called FTriplestar and also the struggles of being an independent artist being tempted by labels. Says Michael MacCarthy aka BZ

‘Big Oga is an intriguing song that will shake the grime scene and introduce BZ as the next big artist in the genre.’ A topnotch music video was shot in his home town Croydon at a car park with his friends and was also directed by his close friends who are upcoming creatives.

Song production by Eyes Adoasi

Music video Directed and Shot by Mark Jones

Assistant direction by Savannah Kityo, Bronson Powell and Zabryna Beh

About BZ

BZ is a consummate professional. A Skilled-born grime rapper that is fully immersed in music early in life, playing and composing beautiful lyrics. His compositions sensibly melodic and in key. Entering the music business with his debut single, “BIG OGA,” solidifies his stance in the industry.

Social media handles

Instagram: @bzofficial1

Twitter: @bzofficial1

Media Contact
Contact Person: Michael MacCarthy
Email: Send Email
Phone: +44 7533626272
Country: United States
Website: www.ftriplestar.com