Jay Martynov Coaching Announces An Updated Edition Of Its Website

Popular life coach, Jay Martynov, updates his website to make it easier for users to navigate and access the plethora of resources available

Jay Martynov of Jay Martynov Coaching has again reiterated his goal of helping as many professionals and business owners as possible to effectively manage stress and build a purposeful life with the launch of an updated version of his website. The updated edition of the website comes with a simplified design that allows users of different categories to easily navigate the pages and access the fantastic resources available on it.

A recent report revealed that over 90 percent of Australians feel stressed about one or more critical parts of their life, and about 450,000 workers in Britain associate their illness to stress. The report also stated that 86 percent of Chinese workers report stress, with the American Institute of Stress reporting that about 33 percent of people report feeling extreme stress, and 77 percent experience stress that affects their physical health and mental health. Life coaching has become increasingly popular in recent times as a stress management therapy, with millions of people across the globe, realizing the transformational impact of coaching in the pursuit of their goals. This is where the likes of Jay Martynov have been able to make a lot of difference in the lives of professionals and entrepreneurs.

The newly designed website features a free course and a bio of Jay Martynov. The updated website will allow users to access Jay’s unique approach that is designed to allow spirituality and connection with a collective consciousness. In a similar vein, Jay is offering visitors a free 7 days stress management course to be delivered by email. The course combines proven methods with exercises that are self-paced to suit the needs of clients.

Jay’s services have become more important in recent times, as developments have made it imperative for people to cultivate the right mindset and be prepared for challenges that uncertainties bring. Jay has a reputation for helping professionals and business owners, using evidence-based methods and techniques that help clients to overcome challenges, get clarity, and create a life they desire.

For more information about Jay Martynov and his coaching services, please visit – https://www.jaymartynov.com/.

About Jay Martynov Coaching

Jay Martynov Coaching was founded by Jay Martynov, a certified mindset coach, author, and a technology manager from Sydney, Australia. Charged with positivity and optimism, Jay aims to help professionals and business owners to create the right mindset, manage stress, and build a life filled with purpose. Jay’s credentials include accreditation with the International Coach Federation and a Master’s degree in IT Management with the University of Sydney.

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