INFINITY by OLTO-8 Mechanical Watch Launched on Kickstarter

Innovative mechanical watch features a sleek design for a young and success-driven demographic

Kickstarter has been today the launchpad for INFINITY by OLTO-8, a new series of mechanical watches that combine innovation with a fresh new watch design, at < >

Focusing on an innovative and charismatic design, the R&D Department of BRIBEAT, the company that developed the INFINITY Watch Series, has created a watch concept that is inspired by the racing dashboard. “This makes these watches become true industrial artworks that immediately catch the attention of any watch lover or any tasteful person, with its 120-degree time-reading display,” Olto-8 team at BRIBEAT stated. The watch has big numbers from the top to the bottom placed as minute and hour numbers, with a consecutive number arranged every 10° in order.

INFINITY Watches have other special features to capture the interest of watch lovers on Kickstarter. The gear set and main splint of the movement are originally redesigned by the OLTO-8 team. The movement is changed to a 120° angle gauge way of movement that creates a striking impact. These are extremely accurate watches with a daily difference accuracy of ±15 seconds, and they feature a redesigned automatic hammer, with excellent workmanship and meticulous polishing.

“We’ve been working at OLTO-8 for years on developing a unique watch concept,” Olto-8 team observed. “There are two other elements that have inspired this special watch series,” The team detailed. The number “8”, which represents infinity and the 8-hour cycles that every balanced day carries (8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of entertainment, and the “O” letter, which is reflected on the watch through every angle that is round and smooth, are design elements that make this watch series truly original.

The INFINITY Watch dial font design is exclusively created and owned by OLTO-8, and the dial numbers and scales are Super-LumiNova so that the user can see the watch and the hours at night or in the dark. In terms of personal style and preferences, INFINITY Watches come either in a 316L stainless steel case or in a SuSn8, and they have a detachable structure that allows users to place them in a box divided into various loose parts, as well to change straps as they please.

“Durability was also a concern,” Olto-8 team commented. That’s why the company created these watches with a uniformly applied sapphire glass on the mirror, with scratch-proof Mohs hardness of H9.

The INFINITY by OLTO-8 campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise $10,000 to fund the large-scale production of the watch which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

About OLTO-8

OLTO-8 is a brand owned and created by BRIBEAT, a watch company that engages in research and development of watch movements, design, development, production, and sales of watch accessories and finished products. BRIBEAT creates watches mostly for young and fashion-oriented consumers who are offering strong and encouraging feedback to the OLTO-8 brand and the INFINITE series. Matching innovation with a fresh design approach to watches, and underlining “My Time is Unique” as the key idea behind the new watch series, BRIBEAT aims to offer watches that celebrate and the sense of people’s individuality.

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