Computer Vaccine By Atense Cyber Defense Defends Personal Computers Against Cyber Attacks That Sneak Past Advanced Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware Solutions

Computer Vaccine By Atense Cyber Defense Defends Personal Computers Against Cyber Attacks That Sneak Past Advanced Anti-Virus And Anti-Malware Solutions
Atense Cyber Defense provides PC users with complete protection from all types of cyberattacks. Its patented computer vaccine does more than what firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware solutions are capable of.

According to announcements released by Atense Cyber Defense and company president, John Almeida, the company has launched the world’s first patented computer vaccine that protects home personal computers running the Windows OS from all types of malware and virus attacks. Each day, PC users lose sensitive data and valuable information to hackers and ransomware. This happens despite PCs running the latest anti-virus programs and firewalls. Anti-virus programs simply cannot keep up with the millions of new strains and types of malware being released each day. 

Anti-virus software can only catch those threats that it recognizes. Personal computers are at risk of attacks by new and unrecognized viruses and malware and are exposed until anti-virus developers can update their databases to cover the new strains. PCs with typical antivirus software may be vulnerable for hours or even days until their software can play catch-up. The solution developed by Atense addresses this crucial issue. The Atense Computer Vaccine operates at the Windows OS’s kernel level and certifies every program before allowing it to run. An uncertified program cannot run on the computer.  

Security experts claim that the Atense Computer Vaccine is a huge improvement over current anti-virus solutions that depend on constant database updates and regular scans to keep malware at bay. Firewalls are effective, but only as long as a computer’s security is not breached. If malware succeeds in exploiting a vulnerability, firewalls cannot prevent the malware from being executed. 

The Atense solution delivers robust security without any prior knowledge of malware or the details of the computer’s network. This dependable solution is the only one that PC users at homes and offices need. 

Beginning July 7th, Atense will launch a month-long Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its environment-friendly computer defense system. 

For more information, please visit our Kickstarter page.

John Almeida of Atense Cyber Defense said, “A computer vaccine works similarly as a vaccine for humans and animals. It protects the computer against current malware and viruses, but it is also effective at stopping new strains. Our approach protects computers at the kernel level, preventing any unauthorized software or code from launching. That’s why using our computer vaccine will make PCs virtually impenetrable by protecting the main entry points of the computer. I think this is going to usher in a major change in the way computers are protected.”

He further stated, “Atense’s solution stops all computer malware without knowing any malware’s signature. It is a complete shield for a computer, letting authorized software function without hindrance and stopping all computer malware. It is the first and only computer vaccine. If a cyberattack happens while a computer with Atense’s anti-malware DNA is active and running the authorized software, it disables the malware and the dashboard displays with precision where in the computer the disabled malware is stored. The anti-malware DNA and dashboard combination enables a computer to stop the infiltration and to notify the user of the infiltration attempt.”

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