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Asia Presswire, an online press release distribution service, has announced premium packages designed to help

When you are thinking of promoting your business, a press release is the best way of advertising about it. From distributing the right message at the right time to the right group of people, it helps you in everything.

Really! Yes, a press release can help you in getting the desired engagement but it can happen only when it is distributed effectively. But the required coverage does not come naturally. So, how and from where to start is the question that usually comes up? Well, the answer to your “how,” is with the best press release distribution service.

Further to know from where to start, just go through this guide. You will get complete information about the best press release distribution services. Here you will also learn how Asia Presswire fits best to your needs and requirements.

What is a Press Release?

A brief document or a piece of content, designed to share something newsworthy – your organization’s launch or recent developments, to the media is referred to as a press release.

To put it in another way we can say that a press release is to let people understand your new launches, products, etc.

You circulate your press release to editors, journalists, and other media outlets.

Purpose of Press Release

The whole purpose of circulating your press release is to get media coverage for your business or products. The media publications include newspapers, television news, radio, podcasts, blogs, etc. When you distribute your press release on top tier publications, it is an act of positioning your brand, company, organization, or your products in front of a vast audience.

Why Should You Send a Press Release in 2020?

Do you think people will view your press release if it is distributed widely on different media outlets? No! So will you be able to meet the purpose of creating it? We guess no. If people won’t see it, how on the earth would they know about your business?

But if you manage to get the press coverage, it will build your brand awareness to a much higher level than your expectations. Moreover, from all the available advertising modes, a press release is considered the most reliable source of brand-related information. Developing reliability about your brand among your customers is the key to success. So you get every reason to go for the press release. However, there are some other advantages of distributing press releases. Take a look.

1. Boost Your SEO

Do you know how many Google searches are done daily? More than 2 billion Google Searches are done daily. Here if the right SEO tactics are implemented it will help you reach the user’s top search queries. This makes it easy for your potential clients and consumers to find your brand easily on the internet. As you are visible in their search results, they can get the required information about your company, products, services, etc.

When you manage to get a massive and positive PR coverage on the leading publications, it will surely prove fruitful for your business. As the chances of getting your website linked to their website increase, your SEO efforts are boosted.

2. Increases Traffic to Your Store

Of course, your press release won’t do any magic to make your brand feature on the cover page of leading publications. But yes, PR is the most powerful tool and can spread your story like wildfire if it is done in an effective and right way.

Whether you are running an online store or brick-and-mortar shop, a positive and engaging widely distributed PR can help you get a huge number of people.

Let’s say you are launching some new products. Simply measure your results after your PR. It is the best way to see how successful your press release is.

3. Generate More Sales

More attention and awareness about your brand will help you generate more sales. If you compare the reach of your business with media outlets and journalists, then undoubtedly the latter has a much far reach. So, this definitely makes sense why you need press releases in 2020.

Now when you are about to launch a new product in the market, your targeted press release will significantly impact your bottom line. As your story is distributed widely, it will boost the interest of customers in your products. Especially when your offer is much better than your competitors.

Offering huge offers on busy shopping days like Black Friday, etc. through your press release, will surely bag you increased sales.

4.  Boost Your Reputation

Press Releases help you build relationships with journalists and other people in the media industry. When you circulate your PR through the leading media contacts, you can have good control over your business reputation.

If you observe any negative publicity about your brand, then PR is the best opportunity to clarify yourself and rule out any bad image. Use the medium to share your perception with facts through an official and informative press release.

What Is the Ideal Time for a Press Release?

Press Release is the best outlet to share your content that you think is worth to be published as news. You need to consider a few factors to assure that the content is ideal for the press release:

Urgency: You need to see whether the news is urgent, which means do you feel the need of spreading it immediately. If yes, then, of course, you need to distribute it with a press release.

Impact: When you are confused whether you should write a press release or not, think for a while. See it this way that whether anyone will get affected by your piece of information? If your thoughtful answer comes out to be yes, then surely you need to proceed with it.

Recognition: Do you wish to distribute something that is well-known? Recognizable content obviously needs to be spread through press releases.

When your thoughts satisfy the discussed criteria, then it is good to go with the press release service.

Press Release Tricks to Reach the Final Stage of Publishing

You get a chance to spread a word about your brand and services with the best press releases. It offers you an ethical and journalistic-minded approach for the brand stories that are newsworthy. But prior to getting your content published with the best press release distribution services, you must follow certain rules to get the desired public attention and make your brand recognizable among the audiences. These include:

1. Learn How To Write An Effective Press Release

Are you a newbie to writing a press release? If yes, then you must consider hiring a professional service for writing an effective and engaging press release that tells your brand story. Your PR needs to cover every minute detail that is newsworthy. From describing your clear objective to managing the space properly, accurate grammar, style, and using titles correctly, it includes everything.

2. Understand Your Audiences

Creating effective content for the target audiences is a challenging task. While planning your content, if you proceed with demographic research, it will take you much closer to your set goal. Let’s say you are creating content for an older age group like 50 years or above, do you think using modern terms will work? Will it be able to attract your target audiences? We think the content with much-modernized terms might lack engagement for your target group. So, it is necessary to understand your audience first and then draft the content accordingly. If it lacks engagement, the whole purpose behind circulating the press release fails.

Catchy PR Titles

While creating the PR title, you need to think creatively. It is the first thing that gets into the sight of the readers. Your PR title should not look vague or boring. It should be appealing enough to grab the reader’s attention towards your press release.

Make your Press Release Engaging with Multimedia Content

Any multimedia content like images, audio, or video in your PR is worth a thousand words. If you are successful in adding them appropriately into your content, your PR becomes more engaging. It will help you in getting the desired attention and popularity among the audiences. From good marketing to effective branding, and increased trustworthiness, engaging multimedia content boosts all. After all, the future of your business is in your hands. So you need to proceed carefully by utilizing most of the winning multimedia content.

3. Use the Best Press Release Distribution Service

Now the final and the most important stage of distribution of the PR is the selection of the best press release distribution service. It doesn’t matter how well or engaging is your press release if it does not get distributed widely. You are creating the press release for promoting your brand or services among the audiences. Do you think it will serve any purpose if your target audience does not get a chance to read it? No! So, to make the most of your PR, it is necessary to look for the best press release distribution service like Asia Presswire.

How to Evaluate the Best Press Release Distribution Service?

The best press release distribution service provides its services at affordable prices and also gives extensive coverage. Take a look at the criteria that you need to look at while selecting the best service.

1. Budget-Friendly

Whether you are a startup business or an established one, the best press release distribution service is the one that has an affordable package that suits everyone’s requirements.

2. Wide Network

The best press release distribution service has a wide network including top tier news channels, etc. The wider the network is the more your press release will reach a large number of people.

3. User-Friendly Website

Your selected service is best only when you are able to navigate through the site easily. Quite possible, that the missed option or feature was responsible for engaging more audiences to your website. So, if you face difficulty while accessing the website, then it’s better to look for some other affordable and the best press release distribution service.

4. White Label Services

If your selected service is publishing PR with a white-label, then it is undoubtedly the best press release distribution service. As your press release does not include any third party name, so definitely it would be the best.

Based on these points, Asia Presswire is considered the best press release distribution service. In addition to more features, the service also fulfills all the above-discussed points.

How is Asia Presswire the Best Press Release Distribution Service?

Whether your business is a startup, a well-established business, digital marketing, or PR agency, Asia Presswire has won the trust of all. The #1 best press release distribution service with the strongest PR Network will make your PR appear on the top tier news sites. ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Yahoo, USA Today, MarketWatch, Associated Press, Bloomberg are some of the well-known news outlets and media sites. 

Asia Presswire has connections to more than 330,000 publications, approximately 900,000 journalists, and near about 90 million social media influencers. The brand is determined to make its client happy and satisfied. So, your press release is always secured with the white-label coverage and is distributed on the largest network without any third-party label.

Excellent Features of Asia Presswire

100% white label distribution service

Guaranteed placement on top tier news and media sites

Industry’s strongest network

Chinese distribution network

Learn in detail about the best features to select Asia Presswire for spreading your press release like wildfire.

100% White Label Distribution Service

Asia Presswire offers its clients a complete white label press release distribution service. When you have a white label service by your side, it means that your press release will not include any branding or third-party name. It will be published under your own brand name. Isn’t it great?

Moreover, your PR will not get published on the official website of Asia Presswire –

Businesses and entrepreneurs do not wish to let their competitors know about the usage of the third-party PR distribution service. Asia Presswire understands it and makes them satisfied by providing them the desired privacy with the white label press release services.

When your PR appears on the top tier news channels, with your own standalone brand name, your credibility significantly increases among potential clients. Moreover, new leads also get engaged in your brand, considering it has the necessary expertise to provide excellent services to your clients or customers.

You can find various press release distribution services in the market, but getting the one that offers you 100% White Label Press Release Distribution Service is challenging. This means you will not get the desired privacy that Asia Presswire is offering. As other press release distribution services lack white label services, they will publish your press release on their websites first, before distributing it to various news outlets.

So opt for Asia Presswire, the best press release distribution service, and enjoy the privacy while getting your brand story published on the top tier news channels and media sites.

Guaranteed Placement on Top Tier News and Media Sites

Asia Presswire guarantees to publish your press release on top tier media and news channels. Your news will spread rapidly on ABC, NBC, FOX, Yahoo, USA Today,  MarketWatch, Associated Press, Bloomberg, Google News, and many more.

As your press release gets published on leading channels so your visibility and credibility also get boosted. The publicity that your brand gets with the help of Asia Presswire brings you new leads. Moreover, when Asia Presswire gets backlinks for your website from the top tier sites, it will improve your SEO and increase your website ranking dramatically.

Industry’s Strongest Network

Asia Presswire is one of the leading and the best press distribution services and boasts the strongest network in the PR industry. With connections to more than 330,000 publications, approximately 900,000 journalists, and near about 90 million social media influencers, Asia Presswire also offers custom orders to clients. PR experts of Asia Presswire pitch your story directly to the bloggers, reporters, news, and media sites that have high traffic. This keeps you stress-free that your news will never miss reaching your potential customers.

Chinese Distribution Network

Along with press release distribution in English, Asia Presswire also offers special services for its Chinese customers. You can order Chinese PR distribution, and the company distributes your press release on more than 2000 leading Chinese media outlets. So, if your customer base is Chinese, with Asia Presswire’ exceptional services, you have the opportunity to make your PR reach to your potential Chinese customers.

How Can You Submit Your Press Release on Asia Presswire?

Submitting your press release on the Asia Presswire best and easy to use platform is very easy. The simple process does not require any login and comprises only a single page. After visiting the page – you just need to place the order and follow the instructions required. Like in the basic information provide your name, email, company’s name, and website and your title.

You can get it done in these three simple steps:

1. Select Your Package

Asia Presswire offers you affordable packages starting from as low as $159. Whether you want to distribute press releases, promotional or informative articles, product reviews, etc, all the plans support all styles. You can select any plan that fits your requirements of getting your content published on the varied number of top tier sites. Asia Presswire also offers VIP plans for customers with bigger budgets.

2. Create and then Submit Press Release

Provide a catchy headline that describes your press release. The title of your news should be brief, to the point, clear, and engaging at the same time. After providing the title, add your story or news content that you want to circulate around the world. You can customize it in your required format, font size, and writing style. You also get the facility of adding media, links, tables, etc. to your press release. Asia Presswire provides you all the features that can help you in creating an engaging story. You need to think creatively to make the most of these awesome features.

3. Your Press Release Will Spread Like Wildfire

After adding your content in your preferred format, you need to add media contact information. Then you will get two options for White Label:

Unbranded: If you select this option, Asia Presswire will show any random name and logo on the report.

Private Label: When you opt for this option, your brand’s name will be displayed on the report.

Select the payment method and once you submit the press release, sit back, and see your news spreading like wildfire and promoting your brand while bringing you new leads.

Once the submitted press release gets editorial team approval, it will be live on the media sites and news within 24 to 48 hours. You will get a complete report with all the live links in one to three business days.

The user-friendly and easy to use interface will not cause any difficulty to you while submitting your press release. However, if you still find yourself stuck somewhere, you can contact customer support at [email protected].

From Monday to Sunday the contact support is available in both English and Chinese language. Fill the details; submit your query and the concerned representative will get back to you at the earliest. 

Closing Words

You can write a press release for a new event, book, business, promote old or new products, new business, music, art show, or for any other purpose. A reputed press release distribution service, Asia Presswire will surely help you get the required attention for your business.

Contact Asia Presswire and make your press release promote your business to a new level!

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