Absolute Flex Appeal is helping Independent Personal Trainers in CA elevate their careers even during this Pandemic

Absolute Flex Appeal is helping Independent Personal Trainers in CA elevate their careers even during this Pandemic
Absolute Flex Appeal is collaborating with Independent Personal Trainers to let them grow beyond the restrictions imposed by an employment contract!

Rocklin, CA, USAAbsolute Flex Appeal is one of the best gyms operating in the Roseville region. The gym is also referred to as a ‘four generation Absolute Family business’ because four generations of a family are rocking this gym in the Rocklin region. Absolute Flex Appeal is owned by Tyler Andrade who is helping personal trainers to become Independent Personal Trainers to increase their revenue potential.

As a CEO of Absolute Flex Appeal, Tyler Andrade is well aware of the mechanics of the personal training industry. He believes that personal trainers should aim for independence in their work instead of being an employed trainer. According to him, Independent Personal trainers and employed personal trainers are polar opposites of each other. The independent personal trainers work on their own terms. They pay nominal charges to the gym owners for using the premises but are entitled to set their own consulting charges and keep every dime they earn. Employed personal trainers, on the other hand, are required to work certain hours determined by their employer. They are paid minimum wage when there are no clients and hardly $10-$12 premium on conducting a session.

Another important difference between these two categories is that the Independent Personal Trainers have multiple options to increase their income. There are a lot of referral programs that these trainers can subscribe to and earn a commission on them. Independent trainers enjoy 100% authority over what supplements, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, and Cryotherapy Centers they recommend to their clients. Employed trainers, unfortunately, are restricted by their organizations in terms of which services they can refer to their clients. They also have to meet monthly minimum quotas to sustain their jobs, which severely debilitates their ability to scale their income and personal brand.

Independent Personal Trainers can partner with numerous fitness brands and market their products to increase their exposure and earn handsome income. Employed Personal Trainers cannot enter into these affiliations openly because their employers might not allow them to advertise for other brands. They are sometimes forced to don a certain uniform and strictly stick to the policies enforced by their companies.

Absolute Flex Appeal understands that every personal trainer deserves a chance to take her career to new heights. This is why it is inviting Independent Personal Trainers in Ca for collaboration. In the words of Tyler: “Together, through hard work, accountability, and relentless effort, we provide an environment that not only helps trainers start and grow their own businesses, but we enable their clients to be successful in their desire to dominate previous limitations.”

About the Company:

Absolute Flex Appeal is one of the best gyms in Roseville that collaborates with Independent Personal Trainers to work with them and help the members of the gym reach their fitness goals along with earning more.

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