The Story Of Kasey Lox: From Having A Troubled Childhood To Emerging As A Promising Musician

The world of music serves many different purposes. To some, music is the reflection of sheer talent right from the beginning, while to others it is a quaint getaway to deal with the hardships of life. For Kasey Lox, it is the latter. After growing up through a rough childhood, he has found solace in music, and is quickly establishing himself in this space. However, Kasey has a unique approach to music, and his mission is indeed way different from the status quo.

Kasey Lox – Growing Up Rough

Born inCamden, New Jersey, Kasey has had a troubled childhood with a lot of emotional as well as practical challenges. He lost two of his brothers to gang violence at an early age. Kasey also witnessed one of his closest mates being brutally murdered right in front of him. In a quest to deal with the situation, his parents moved the entire family to Fort Myers when Kasey was 13. However, the fortunes did not turn around. Kasey was charged for home burglary and was sent off to Juvenile detention for a year. The unfortunate string of events continued when he was charged with kidnapping and robbery at the age of 17. Just as things were starting to get better for Kasey, he lost his best friends to a cop shootout at Cape Coral Florida, better known as the “Steak n Shake” shooting.

While Kasey’s growing up years were eventful in a negative way, he eventually found solace in music. All of his creations are meant to encourage and empower the ‘Goons of EDM life’. With a unique sense of mission, Kasey is establishing a firm hold in the world of music. In fact, his releases are being well-appreciated in the music community.

‘I found music as a gateway to encourage Goons of EDM life – the fact that music is for everyone and every goon should have the opportunity to experience festivals, celebrate in their own way and tap into the unifying power of music. That is my dream, and I want to make it a reality’ – Kasey Lox

It is quite understandable that Kasey’s struggles while growing up, his mistakes, learnings and the experiences he has had over the years, have played a major role in how his style of music has shaped up. 

Major Releases

Kasey Lox’s releases are now streaming on major platforms including Spotify and Soundcloud. A few of his most appreciated songs are – Wish Upon a Star, My Phone Ring, Gang Gang, Smokin on Exotics etc. 

All his singles imbibe a sense of dynamism, real-life experiences, and most importantly, a fresh vibe, which the audiences are relating to. Having already released a number of songs and EPs, Kasey looks forward to creating more music, and continue empowering people who are often perceived differently in society. 

You can follow Kasey on his Instagram handle to get a sneak peek into his life and regular updates. 

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