Certified Spine & Pain Care Clinic Opens Doors To Patients Seeking Relief in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Certified Spine & Pain Care Clinic Opens Doors To Patients Seeking Relief in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
In a mission statement, Certified Spine & Pain Care has committed to using a state-of-the-art pain management program to help clients find pain relief.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Certified Spine & Pain Care, a pain management clinic, has reasserted its mission to relieve chronic soreness, agitation and discomfort in Florida by introducing industry-leading treatments to their expert practice.

This clinic for pain management in Palm Beach Gardens is led by two doctors that have pledged to make life easier for suffering patients. Edwin W. Maldonado has been trained by the fellowship and has been certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology to master his cutting edge ways for patients to rediscover comfort and productivity after sustaining life-altering injuries or illnesses.

Dr. Maldonado’s partner is also a board-certified pain management doctor in Palm Beach Gardens. Russel C. Feit, MD, has received certifications in Emergency and Pain Medicine and is licensed in Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. His diverse history of experience provides a knowledgeable perspective on, not only treating patients, but also diagnosis, consultation and referrals.

Together, these two doctors run a Palm Beach Gardens pain management clinic that uses the top methods for advanced anesthesiology. Certified Spine & Pain Care specializes in sacroiliac joint, epidurals and trigger point injections, but their practice also includes nerve blockers for occipital nerves, the stellate ganglion and medial branches.

The most advanced approach that they utilize for long-term pain relief, however, best treats SI and facet joint pain. The benefits of Facet Radiofrequency Ablation last longer than regular injections and focuses on using thermal denervation to reduce the painful sensation associated with chronic lower back and joint issues.

About Certified Spine & Pain Care

Certified Spine & Pain Care was founded by Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Dr. Edwin W. Maldonado after working for several private practices for over a decade. Dr. Maldonado and his associate, Dr. Russel C. Feit, MD, have made it their mission to use the newest medical procedures to get people past pain and restore them back to their best quality of life.

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