Marketing Pro Jasmine Kratz Featured in ‘Women Who BossUp’ Book from Women With Vision International

Marketing Pro Jasmine Kratz Featured in ‘Women Who BossUp’ Book Jasmine Kratz was interviewed on Women Innovators Radio Show with Host Tami Patzer about her participation in in “Women Who BossUp” from Women With Vision International, created by Tam Luc.
Marketing Pro Jasmine Kratz Featured in ‘Women Who BossUp’ Book  from Women With Vision International

Jasmine Kratz is a mentor for entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, and affiliate and network marketers. She teaches her clients how to create their online empires. Her passion for supporting people and seeing them succeed is what gets her out of bed every day.

“My jam is helping you get sexy systems and tailored tools in place to share your brand and your message with the world,” Kratz said. “In today’s digital world you need a kick-ass website and social media presence to attract and engage with your audience and customers.”

Owner of Inspired Impact, Jasmine has a degree in Business Management and has been named one of the eight Female Changemakers of 2020 and 2108 Gold Winner, 2019 Silver at the Whitsunday Tourism Awards. Jasmine prides herself on providing her clients with the best systems, tools, and strategies to build a personal brand online.

As one of the lead trainers in the Online Entrepreneur community, she teaches online marketing to a community of entrepreneurs.

“As a business owner, coach, and online marketer, I know exactly how you feel and the challenges that you face in growing your brand online and will support you to get out of the overwhelming phase and start seeing success,” she said.

Kratz specializes in rebranding and helping her client pivot to include their personalities in their branding.

“This is why the VIP Branding Days and Empire Growth Retreat was born. It’s a three-day event to bring together everything you need to dominate your niche
 and build a successful personal brand online that attracts your ideal clientele.”

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About ‘Women Who BossUp’ Book Projects

“Women Who BossUp” profiles women who have broken the mold to achieve, overcome difficulties, or inspire change through relentless endeavors. Hailing from across the globe, diverse walks of life and varied disciplines including STEM, healthcare, finance, coaching, and non-profit, “Women Who BossUp” is a welcome companion to any boss or boss in the making.

Current projects include Women Who BossUp: Women Of Color; Women Who BossUp: Corporate America; Women Who BossUp: Single Moms; Women Who BossUp: Give BackWomen Who BossUp: Health and Wellness; Women Who BossUp: In Tech; Women Who BossUp: Side Hustlers; and Women Who BossUp: Daily Habits.

The “Women Who BossUp” book project is accepting applications at

About Women With Vision International

Women with Vision International aims to inspire, uplift, and empower women everywhere to never give up their dream of living their life on purpose. We gather dynamic, entrepreneurial women globally that are making a difference and changing people’s lives to spark conversation around the topics that impact us all such as building their business, fundraising, and balancing it around their family.

About Tam Luc

Tam Luc has been an entrepreneur and investor since 2002. Being raised by two successful entrepreneurs, she always desired to create the exact same lifestyle as her parents. But instead: she struggled.

For 17 years as a side-hustling entrepreneur, “Stuck like Chuck,” Tam Luc was in a job she hated. She had no time for all the things that were important to her until she figured out why. She asked herself the question. “What the hell are you here to say?” She found her answer and discovered that her super-power gift is to help empower women to be seen and heard with brand message strategies.

She’s now a No. 1 best-selling author, speaker, blogger, and coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs monetize their message and create a lifestyle that gives them joy.

Tam Luc is the Amazon best-selling author of numerous books, including: “A Woman’s Side Hustle,” “There’s Somebody In My Room,” and “The Right End Of The Chase.”

“Let’s get clear on your message and use it as a tool to create products, customers, sales, and strategic partnerships, advertising, and content,” said Tam Luc. “If you are ready to clarify your message and monetize it, enjoy more credibility, and stand out from the crowd then we can definitely help you.”

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