Elemens doo Banja Luka introduces the Vatech PaX-i Insight and PaX-i 3D Green

Elemens doo Banja Luka introduces the Vatech PaX-i Insight and PaX-i 3D Green
The digital panoramic radiographic system has the unique ability to capture depth-added panoramic radiographs

Elemens doo announced that it now offers PaX-i Insight, the newest digital panoramic radiographic system that reportedly pushes the limits of 2D digital imaging. The PaX-i Insight, built with Vatech’s latest CMOS technology, is said to deliver the unique ability to capture depth-added panoramic radiographs, offering never-before-seen depth and clarity to 2D digital panoramic images.

Providing doctors with a staggering 41-layer digital panoramic radiograph, the new PaX-i Insight is designed especially for endodontists and pediatric dentists as well as general practitioners. The system provides an optional, next-generation cephalometric arm that is capable of capturing a lateral cephalometric radiograph in 1.9 seconds.

With these shortened cephalometric acquisition times, doctors will find not only an improved image quality but also fewer motion artifacts in their cephalometric images. Also, the PaX-i Insight reportedly offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge 2D imaging solution that also raises the level of diagnostic value of panoramic images to new heights.

The versatile PaX i3D Green CBCT system is eco-friendly and safe for children.

The PaX i3D Green from Vatech is the latest addition to the company’s PaX-i3D brand. It seeks to change the way CBCTs are manufactured and regarded in the dental industry. Here are the top 4 benefits:

1. Ultra low radiation: The system takes 3D images at reduced radiation dose, at a lower dose than the 2D images while maintaining the image quality.

2. Eco-friendly: The manufacturing process was reworked to eliminate hazardous substance from the devices and employed renewable energy sources and reduced the overall carbon footprint involved in manufacture of the device.

3. Safe for children: The device is FDA cleared for pediatric use.

4. Added plus: The PaX i3D Green features 49.5 micron full-digital CMOS sensors, which provides extra clear 3D images with only a 5.8 second scan.

About the Company

Elemens doo was established in April 2010 by Bojan Capljak. The Company has a special expertise in Dental X-ray system, Intraoral RTG, 3D Dental Diagnostic Equipment, 3D X-ray, Dental X-ray, 2D X-ray and Medical X-ray. The Company was located at Banja Luka, near the park, to take advantage of the relaxed nature of the area as well as ample, untimed parking for clients.

We aim to maintain and improve our position as the leading VATECH distributer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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