Student accommodation in London – Several tips to find the best one

London is a great city to live in especially for the students because of the several opportunities provided by the government of London. The city has sprawling green parks along with cultural attractions which help in providing a great environment for the students. But moving to a new city can be very challenging sometimes especially in terms of finding the student accommodation London cheap. In case any of the individual shifting to somewhere then the whole process can be highly stressful as well as less time-consuming. To find the best opportunity in terms of student accommodation one should be very much clear about the choices and preferences in proper regard to the budget constraint so that one can finalize the best option from the available ones.

Following are some of the tips for finding the best student accommodation in London:

– One should be very clear about things for which one is looking for: This is the best way to start with things that one should be highly clear in mind about areas for which one is looking for. One should also think about the non-negotiable things so that one can rule out certain options at the time of beginning for search. One should be highly clear that one requires one bedroom or two bedrooms or a studio or even more than that. Another thing about which an individual should be clear is that if one is looking for a personal home or at home or anything else. Then one has to think about the location in proper regard to the proximity to the college or university where one is studying.

– One should conduct proper research about all available options: Some of the available options can include en-suite or the on-campus accommodation. Various other options are explained as follows:

One good option is the private halls of residences because in the very first year of education it is a great way to socialize and make new friends. In case one wants to live in a self-centred way then one can also go with the option of Studio or private halls of residence. Usually, all of them have the deadlines which are near about June so one should check all the things associated with the deadlines timely so that one never misses any of the options.

Another good option is to go with the option of private accommodation in case one can afford that. Similar to university halls and private accommodation another good option is having shared apartments and shared en-suite. There are several benefits of each of the option along with various facilities provided by them.

Another option is to rent the room this is highly popular among the second-year students that they can rent a room, flat or a house depending upon their research. The thing to be ensured here is that one must check out all the details such as furnishing of the property and other things associated with it. In case one is along with a group of people then one can go with the option of flats as well. One can also go with the option of agents to find the perfect option for accommodation.

The individual should think and act quickly:

The research must be done as soon as possible because things always move fast in cities which are unfamiliar to individuals. Similar is the case with the properties and rooms because in case one track the things then one will not find the perfect option. One should be always prepared and one should always have an idea in the mind about things for which one is looking beforehand. This will be the best way to feel comfortable and finalize the things after considering all the local facilities along with transportation as well as safety. The individuals should trust their instincts and in case if they like a place then they should go with that particular option.

The location factor: 

The cost of each of the option will vary from location to location. So, the individuals should conduct proper research and find out the best option which will provide the greatest value for the money invested there. Especially in case one is finding the option near to central London then the cost will be higher. One should consider the budget constraint accordingly and then one should narrow down the search options. At the time of considering the cost one should never forget the transportation costs associated with those things because one will be committing with the help of tube, bus, train and many other public transport options. One should also go with the option of considering the references which include friends and family so that one can have a look at their recommended places as well.

The costs associated with the accommodation: 

In case one goes with the option of also residences then one will be incurring about one £130-£300 every week. The cost associated with the private accommodation will be near about 162 £400 each week and this will also depend upon the type of room with which one goes. On average the individuals will be spending one £50 every week and this amount not includes any kind of bills. So, in case an individual wants to save the money from the accommodation like dual occupancy studio and the cheapest room option available should be taken and another good option for all the students is that in London students are also entitled to have bigger maintenance loan.

Considering everything which is included in the price charged:

This point is for the advertisers that they should mention each and everything which has been included in the cost which has been advertised by them. Some of the cases agency fees can be the major contributing factor to words cost so this must be very well considered before making any of the decisions.

The individuals can also go with the option of shared apartments or shared en-suite. All the above-mentioned tips must be considered so that one can find the perfect accommodation option for him or her. 

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