Linxhuan Vu’s The Paradise Man is a unique take on the words of Thomas Merton

Linxhuan Vu’s The Paradise Man is a unique take on the words of Thomas Merton, a man who set out to show us that living in paradise is about so much more than material gains.

To learn more about the writer who made the book a reality, we sat down with him to understand his motivations, inspirations and reason for embarking on such a far-reaching project.

“I have always believed that the paradise experienced by Adam and Eve at the dawn of time was within reach of all of us, but what I also saw is that are so many things in the modern world that can push you off track. Vices, distractions and unnecessary preoccupations can all fill your day and cloud your mind. What I discovered is that we each need to pause, reflect and understand how the way in which we’re spending our days affects where we really are in life. It’s all too easy to devote yourself to catching up and overtaking your neighbors in terms of material wealth, but where does that get you if you’re not truly free? This book sets out to show normal, everyday people how they can embark on such an enlightening journey.”

It’s certainly a bold endeavor, so we spoke more about the motivations behind the book and how it makes such a deep and complex topic accessible to a wider audience.

“There’s a misconception out there that to live in paradise you have to somehow devote every aspect of your life to religion and spirituality, in my experience that’s just not the case. You do not have to be a priest or a bishop, you can be an everyday person working to free your ego and become at one within yourself. Once you start to make this journey, you soon come to realize that you have become the paradise man you have always thought was out of reach.”

Now that we understand this viewpoint it becomes clear what the book is all about. So, is this a piece that should be read widely, or it reserved for those looking for deep spiritual meaning in their lives?

“My intention is for this book to open the eyes of a wider audience to the role their ego and view of themselves has when it comes to living free, happy and at peace. I’ve tried to stay true to my background and training, while at the same time creating something that can be picked up and read cover to cover without struggle. The end result, I hope, is a book that allows anyone who reads it to connect with the innocence and beauty of the original paradise we all come from.”

It’s certainly a unique way to approach a project like this, and one we’ve very much enjoyed hearing about. 

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