Meckiss Entered the Chinese Market and Won the First Battle with Gratifying Sales Volume

Meckiss, owned by IRIS, is a niche skin care brand from London, England. It has only been launched in China for a short period of more than one month. In June, the total sales volume was as high as 210,000 yuan, and the order amount for the 618 Shopping Festival alone was over 100,000 yuan.

Meckiss was launched in Tmall, a Chinese e-commerce company, on May 11th, 2020. Since its launch, it has been deeply loved by Chinese consumers, and all the great sharing platforms are well-known.  The launch time is also very clever, just before the 618 Shopping Festival in China, so as to participate in this very important local shopping festival.

June 18th is the day when China’s e-commerce platform, Jingdong was founded. Jingdong established this day as its shopping festival, and then gradually developed into a shopping festival for all e-commerce. In China, Nowadays, 618 Shopping Festival is the second largest shopping festival after Double Eleven, with a total of three days from June 18th to 21st.

Before the 618 Shopping Festival, Meckiss was recognized by Chinese consumers only for over a month, but the order amount has reached more than 100,000, with nearly 1,300 pieces sold, accounting for 50% of the total sales in June. In June, the total order amount reached 215,000, and the sales volume reached more than 3,000 pieces, which shows the forceful brand strength.

Since then, Meckiss’s entry into the Chinese market has been regarded as a success in the first battle, and I wonder if it can achieve great success in the follow-up.

About Meckiss

Meckiss is a niche skin care brand, which originated in London. Driven by market trends, it crossed the Eurasian continent and came to China from London. Adhering to the research and development concept of “ingredient first” and selecting effective skin care ingredients, it has entered Chinese consumer market and been selected into the shopping cart of Chinese consumers. Through advanced skin care technology and common formula, it can effectively maintain different skin types.

“Be your own queen, every woman deserves the most noble skin care courtesy” is the service tenet of Meckiss, and strives to bring noble, beautiful and happy skin care experience to every beauty lover.  Stimulate the beauty of women’s original skin and cultivate elegant self-confidence from the inside out.

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