Booba Starr, an artist with talented vocals launches a new song “Daddy’s Letter” under the production of 7 Gate Record

Booba Starr, an artist with talented vocals launches a new song "Daddy’s Letter" under the production of 7 Gate Record
Daddy’s Letter is a hit new single produced by 7 Gate Record and sung by Booba Starr. The song sheds light on the neglectful relation of father and son in which the son seeks the love of his father. The song depicts how a father is the backbone of the family and supports them in every condition.

Ontario, Canada – Booba Starr launches new song titled “Daddy’s Letter” with the production of 7 Gate Record. Booba Starr is a talented artist with gifted vocals and the ability to make engaging songs that capture the hearts of the listeners. His love for music started at an early age when he was in high school and used to make poems and songs. Booba Starr has an active Instagram page with more than 14,000 loving followers and fans, who support his passion.

In this song, Daddy’s Letter, Booba Starr reflects upon the role of the father, who should be the one to support his family and be there for them in times of need. A father is like a role model for his children who doesn’t need to be wealthy to give love and care for his family, he should be kind and caring. In the song, Booba used exciting wordplay to make the lyrics catchy in a way that hit the hearts of the listeners. The song also informs the fathers that they should solidify the upbringing of their children to make their futures bright. The record company, 7 Gate Record is an independent recording label based in Canada founded by Wolf and Jojo in June 2016, with the main objective of helping talented and aspiring young artists to meet their goals and fulfill dreams with the music industry

Booba Starr was born in Dane Salmon in Kingston, Jamaica and later moved to the Greater Portmore area of Saint Catherine where his interest for music started while attending the Greater Portmore High School. While in high school, he used to play with words making interesting poems and songs, which he would then to his family and friends. He was appreciated by his social circle on his skills in music and singing. It was that support which led him to make his songs.

Music is something that everyone listens to and some songs hit home more than the others. Booba Starr wants to inspire people with his music and songs, and he wants his listeners to follow their dreams whatever they may be. He feels like everyone should stand up for something they want to do, and ignore society, which generally oppresses the passion. Booba, with his songs, urges people to do something for themselves so that their future selves would be proud of them, just like Booba did, he started making music and he is proud of it and is more motivated than ever to make good songs.

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