Principle Offered as a Solution for Social Inequity

SEDONA, AZ – July 9, 2020 – American naturalist Greg Lawson, speaking for The Principles Model (founded to promote social responsibility) says, “To make people and society whole, there is something available that is more dynamic than a set of legal retreads. The employment of historic laws of nature can increase the likelihood of a satisfying outcome in social realignment goals. Employing powerful tools from a set of human values already possessed, tools like empathy, integrity and compassion for example, can go a long way in removing social scars and establishing a solid foundation for the future. Such tools are not speculative assets and they do not rely on opinion, religion or political persuasion to be recognized or empowered. They are as reliably present in each person as is a heart, a brain or the celebrated senses.”

Lawson has been championing the idea of a principles-based society everywhere from casual conversation, to public lecturing and traditional broadcast media for much of the last decade. He founded TPM or The Principles Model in 2015. “Principles,” he says, “represent our first law and they find validity and vitality wherever people are.” He offers three basic reasons in advocating a principles-first management style to build a stronger society:

• Principle is the first law and finds universal acceptance. 

• Principle represents natural law because humans did not create it.

• Principle arrives without bias or prejudice of any kind. Human crafted laws, regardless of their intent or purpose, are sometimes considered as jurisdictional, cultural, temporal and sometimes as biased impositions.

Instituted law has its own validity. It can help create an equal playing field that’s beneficial to all concerned when organizing vehicular traffic, managing health and safety matters, creating construction standards, deciding limits of governance, aiding with dispute resolution, etc., but “is comparatively weak in solving social issues associated with inequity,” Lawson says. “We possess resources for social management that have been naturally passed from generation to generation and that await our responses to make them operational.”

TPM promotes a basic outline for orchestrating a principles-based society by:

• Teaching principles basics at every level of scholastic and workplace education.

• When possible, letting principles stand as the foundation for order without additional stemming.

• Where possible, letting imposed law be employed as the consequence of violating principle. 

• Striving to assure that people demonstrating an adherence to principle are the ones attaining positions of oversight and authority.

• Encouraging that the practice of principle be a preeminent basis for honor, dignity and advancement.

“The conclusion reached from thousands of cross-cultural interviews is that appreciation for the potential of a principles-first society is nearly universal,” Lawson states.

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