Launched a new initiative to share evening dresses going unused

The pandemic has forced us all inside, and all our evening dresses into storage. Evening dresses often have to wait long enough as it is between wears, it doesn’t seem fair that we are going six months or more without even looking at them in our closets!

Fortunately, we’ve got a great way for you to share your evening dress collection with your friends or followers on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram – by recreating the Grammy’s Glambot!

Recently, recreating the Glambot at home came into fashion when so many proms and social events were canceled, and suddenly teens all over the country had to forego wearing their much-cherished prom outfits. After years of anticipation, they were supposed to just let their prom go by.

So, instead, they shared their would-be outfits on social media with the Glambot. Now, you can do the same to show off your evening dresses. Show off the ones you keep for sentimental value but won’t wear again, the ones that are waiting for another event to go to, or even haul some new evening dresses and show them off!

Here’s how:

Set Up Your Camera

If you’re active on social media or are into photography, you may already have a pretty good setup to do this with, but if not, you can make one with relative ease from things around your home.

You need a light space, ideally, with a big window you can use for natural light. If you need to use artificial light, make sure it’s photography lighting, as the yellow-hue overhead bulbs won’t do anything for you or your evening dresses!

A light backdrop is best, as it will show the cut of your dress best, and help bounce light back at you for even better definition.

If you have a camera and/or tripod, set it up in front of the window at chest height, if possible. If you don’t, create a tripod out of books and other things you have around the house. It doesn’t need to be chest height – you can easily use an angle that’s looking up at you and just pretend you did it for an added edge!

(Some people hung their cameras from the ceiling for a legitimate Glambot experience, but you need to be careful in case you break your camera or phone! Doing it from a lower level can look just as good – besides, the cameras they used at the Grammy’s are worth thousands!)

Then, turn on your camera and set it to slow-motion. Using the front-facing camera is best if you can, as you’ll be able to see yourself and check that you get all your evening dresses in the frame. This is especially important if you want to show off a princess-style dress!

Dust Off Your Evening Dresses and Get Dressed Up

Next, choose the evening dresses from your closet and make sure they’re dust-free! Do your hair and makeup in a relatively neutral way, such as straight or curled hair you can throw up in a ponytail from outfit to outfit. If you’re a lipstick kinda girl, do a neutral eye and switch up the colors when you change dresses – this will help you look like you’ve done a whole new look for every dress!

Get ready, and get dressed in the first. When you’re ready, get in front of the camera, hit record, and move around dramatically for 30 seconds or so. Don’t be afraid to be a bit of a diva! Strike a pose, swish the skirt, and anything else you feel shows off the outfit best. If you’re not sure what to do, go back and watch some of the footage from the Grammy’s or go on TikTok for inspiration.

Edit and Share on Social Media

When you’re done, edit the clips together into a video to share on social media or post them over the next few days. It’s a great way to connect with your followers and see which dresses they think look best on you. You may even find someone wants to know how you did your hair or makeup and asks for a full tutorial! Plus, next time an event does come around you can go to in person, you can look back at your clips and decide which evening dress you want to wear.

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