Y Not You Media, The Social Media Attention Agency

Y Not You Media, a New York Based, Forbes-Accredited Marketing Agency, is disrupting the digital marketing space. Recognized as the 1st ever Social Media Attention Agency, they have successfully helped grow businesses and brands by focusing on getting their clients attention. Founded by Tony Pec, Francis Volpe, and Michael Capozzi, along with their team of 12, they concentrate on delivering their clients unparallel service and results.

“Gaining attention within your industry is necessary to success. Attention creates opportunity, leverage, and builds brands” preaches co-founder Tony Pec. In a digital age where communication has changed, the one thing that remains the same is the fight for Attention.

Advertising has changed, content has changed, strategy has changed, marketing has changed overall from the days of only print ads, tv, and radio ads. Social media is quickly becoming the paramount way businesses communicate to their customers, gain attention, and build a brand. Co-founder Francis Volpe states “Attention is what every business needs, attention is what is going to take a business and transform it into a brand. Attention is going to stand the test of time, therefore creating what every business wants. Longevity.”

It is becoming more apparent that for any business to succeed in today’s digital landscape, social media is not only required, but a necessary skill to master and invest in.

Y Not You Media custom tailors a unique marketing campaign based on their client and their goals. Their main focus is getting their clients attention to get in front of their customers through unique content, strategy, influencer marketing, management, and targeted social media ad campaigns. They are aware that a great marketing strategy is not a one-size fits all.

“The content that we produce is meant to have our clients remembered. We want a viewer to remember a photo or video so that when the time comes, and they need our client’s service, our client is in the forefront of their mind,” explains co-founder Michael Capozzi.

Differentiating yourself in your industry is crucial to not only surviving but thriving. “Create to separate.” Is the mantra of Y Not You Media’s hand-picked, experienced, and creative content team. Led by co-founder Francis Volpe and Creative Director Mark Supik, they are constantly studying their client’s target customer in order to create content campaigns that will illicit emotion and take the viewer on a journey.

“Research is something we believe isn’t taken serious enough when it comes to social media. People have the tendency to just post, hoping that it will generate leads, sales, and build brand. Human beings are naturally curious, so we use that to our advantage. When researching, we examine the trends and expand on them, we want our client to stand out indefinitely,” stated Tony.

Y Not You Media has found that the combination of unique content, strategy and thoughtful execution works to the greatest degree and is the essence of their marketing. They have repeatedly seen their clients gain incredible results and returns.

“People buy brand, and are loyal to them. If they have heard of you, and enjoy the content that you’re producing, eventually they are going to trust you enough to try your service or product,” states Francis, who also goes on to say “once your brand gains the attention that it needs, you are forcing your competitors to try and catch up, this gives you such a major advantage because now you are steps ahead!”

Y Not You Media is the Social Media Attention Agency.

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