How To Choose An Egg Boiler – Egg cooker steamers with hardness setting

How To Choose An Egg Boiler - Egg cooker steamers with hardness setting

Egg cooker steamer with hardness setting
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, protein and nutrients are needed for daily body requirements. But the highest quality protein and nutrients comes from eggs. As the pace of life is becoming faster, many of us have no time to prepare breakfast, how can we balance the nutrients needed by the body and save time?

An egg boiler is really helpful! Our egg boilers have novel appearance, smooth line and beautiful shape. It’s fast and efficient with PTC or SUS plate heating. It is one of the ideal breakfasts as the eggs can be kept fresh and nutritious after being steamed and boiled. There are several choices for you, please visit our website for more information:

What kind of egg is the most nutritious?

In terms of nutrient absorption and digestibility, boiled eggs are 99%, fried eggs are 97%, tender fried egg is 98%, old fried egg is 81.1%, and the raw egg is 30%~ 50%. From this point of view, boiled eggs are the best way to choose.

How many eggs shall we eat a day?

Egg is of high-protein food. If we eat too much, it may cause an increase in metabolites and add the burden on the kidneys. Generally, children and the elderly are suggested to eating one egg a day, and adolescents and adults eat two per day. But please pay attention when you are chewing an egg, otherwise it will affect absorption and digestion. 

Choosing your desired eggs according to the cooking level

Everyone’s tastes is different, you can choose medium, medium well, hard-boiled egg or egg custard according to yourself.

Young people are advised to choose medium boiled eggs, because young people have good digestive function, children and the elderly can eat medium well or hard-boiled egg, which are more suitable for children and the weak spleen and stomach of the elderly.

Different boiling time of eggs, there are differences in the digestion time in the human body: medium boiled eggs is a slightly cooked egg, the most easiest to digest, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to digest. For the medium well boiled eggs, it takes about 2 hours. The egg that has been boiled for too long, the body will digest for 3 hours and 15 minutes. Medium boiled egg is not only soft and tender, but also beneficial to the body’s intake of nutrients.

So, now it is time to cook your desired eggs by an egg boiler.

The following data are from our laboratory tests, the cooking time and amount of water are tested at room temperature 25 °C, only for your reference, you can adjust it according to your experience.

ZDQ-30A Egg cooker 3 eggs capacity 210W

Numbers of eggs

Water volume

Cooking level


One egg



6min 10sec


Medium well

8min 57sec



13min 40sec

Two eggs



8min 10sec


Medium well

9min 20sec



12min 46sec

Three eggs



7min 50sec


Medium well

9min 45sec



12min 30sec

ZDQ-70A Egg cooker 7 eggs capacity 360W

Cooking level (based on 7 eggs)

Water amount

Cooking time










Egg custard



Egg boiler can do only egg boiling?

No, you can steam other food as well. Such as corn, steamed bread and reheating food, please find below picture.  Especially in winter, food cold quickly, eating cold food will harm our stomach. An egg boiler is really helpful.

Egg boiler can be used only for preparing breakfast?

No, you can use it for your other meal pre. It is suitable for family and dorm.

Warm suggestion: you can choose it as a gift for your friends and relatives, it is warm and sweet, nothing is better than health.

How to purchase the egg boiler you want? 

Firstly, product function and parameters, how many eggs you need to cook in one time? If your family member is over 3 persons, ZDQ-70A egg boiler is advised, it can cook 7 eggs in one time, this capacity is better. If not, we suggest choosing ZDQ-30A, its capacity is 3 eggs, small and smart. From our test data, it takes 16 minutes if you cook 7 eggs one time.

Secondly, price and its appearance, egg boiler is small household appliance, its price is not very expensive, just following your ideal one. In terms of appearance, we may need to consider its convenient operation. Our egg boiler ZDQ-30A and ZDQ-70A, adopting rocker switch, easy to control, you can cook your desired eggs by adding or subtracting water volume.

Finally, after-sales service and other concerns, when we buy electrical appliance, after-sales service we need to consider. If it can’t work, where should I deliver to repair? Who can help me to deal with it? Someone may consider the product life, how long can it be used?

All of our products are guaranteed at least 365 days free maintainance service from your purchased date.

How to maintain your egg boiler?

After each use, the egg boiler surface can be wiped with a wet towel. It is not allowed to be rinsed with water so as to avoid any electric leakage and occurrence of faults, then please store in place.

If it is broken, what shall we do?

Please send egg boiler to your local after-sales service center or professional person to repair and replace by original accessories.

Why should you choose us?

Primary Competitive Advantages:

  1. Our factory locates in a small household appliance production base, there are lots of raw material suppliers and complete facilities surrounding.
  2. Reasonable price and qualified quality for every client.
  3. Small trial order is accepted, free sample can be provided.
  4. 25-35 days prompt delivery after all details confirmed.
  5. Our engineers and sales leader have almost 20 years’ experience as product designer, manufacturer and exporter.
  6. All of our products were certified by SGS and got GS/CE/ CB/ETL.
  7. Guarantee: All of our products are guaranteed at least 365 days free maintainance service.


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