Home Pro Shop ranks high on Amazon for their glass cutting kit

Leading provider of innovative lifestyle products, Home Pro Shop, continues garner reviews for the Bottle Cutter & Glass Cutter Bundle, a user-friendly glass bottle cutter

Home Pro Shop is known for their innovative products designed to ensure that customers enjoy quality time with their loved ones while expressing themselves with home crafts. The company’s glass bottle cutter bundle has substantiated this claim as the product continues to garner reviews from buyers in different parts of the world.

According to a report from Precision Consulting, container and fiberglass industries collectively purchase 3.35 million tons of recycled glass annually. Studies have also revealed that energy costs drop to between 2 and 3% for every 10% cullet used in the manufacturing process while one ton of carbon dioxide is reduced for every six tons of recycled container glass used in the manufacturing process. While glass recycling seems to have become more efficient at the industrial level, individuals do not have access to resources to help them effectively recycle or reuse glass bottles. This is where Home Pro Shop has been able to change the narrative for years with their wine bottle glass cutter that makes it easy for people to turn used wine bottles into different amazing items for their personal use.

The bottle cutter is built with top quality materials to help users show their creativity and DIY skills. The eco-friendly solution is designed for cutting all kinds of bottles, including wine, beer, liquor, whiskey, alcohol, champagne, water or soda round bottles, and mason jars. People can now turn their used bottles into table bottle lamps, colorful vases, drinking glasses, plant holders, wind chimes, and even hanging tea candle holders.

The product comes with an amazing adjustment system, with 5 support wheels to offer stability and ensure precise cutting. It also includes an ultra-strong diamond carbide blade that guarantees over 100,000 cuts.

The glass cutting kit includes a premium quality GLASS CUTTER and other accessories to help buyers make the best use of the bottle cutter. The accessories are instructions, glasspaper, and a pair of CUT RESISTANT GLOVES for maximum protection. Each purchase also comes with AUDIOBOOK and EBOOK versions of the bestseller book “Bottle Art,” worth $30.

The Bottle Cutter and Glass Cutter Bundle is currently available on Amazon, where it has gotten more than 1,000 reviews.

For more information about Home Pro Shop and the range of products offered, please visit – https://homeproshop.net/

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