Explore the world of Indie Film-Making with “Behind the Scenes” Podcast by Mann Robinson

We grow up watching different kinds of movies, and wondering what it must be like to create such an extravagant screenplay is a natural thing. Some of us also develop a keen interest in movie making, but to find a pivot point to start your journey becomes a difficult task. We sure can take help from the internet, or even enroll in various courses that are offered these days, but paving away and creating a base knowledge still becomes a requisite. This is what “Behind the Scenes” podcast is here for, to shed light on various nuances of Indie filmmaking.

“Behind the Scenes” podcast is hosted by Mann Robinson, an award-winning film director, with over 10 years of experience in writing, producing, and directing films personally, as well as for clients. Mann invites industries’ best artists on his show that share their personal experience in the line of film making and related subjects. Mann’s long years of experience in the industry have resulted in a well-established network of world-class and renowned artists, which he uses quite well on his show. Some of the guests from the guest list include Brad James, Torrei Hart, and Jamal Woolard.

The podcast “Behind the Scenes” was launched on April 8, 2020. The first two episodes of the podcast feature Harry Lennix, and T’Keymah Crystal Kehmah, from the cast of the popular film ‘Revival’. In these episodes, the guests sit down with the host and discuss the making of their special film, and how they are surviving through this pandemic. In another episode, that featured the actor, Brad James, from ‘Tyler Perrys’, ‘For Better or Worse’, ‘Superstation’, and many others, the creative ways to reach the audience during this pandemic are explored. He also shares tricks and tips that the upcoming actors can use on their journey.

As for now, there are 10 episodes to “Behind the Scenes” podcast, with the latest episode being released on July 3, 2020. In the latest episode, the current topic related to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement is discussed in the context of the entertainment industry. This episode features top-notch guests including Chad Lawson Cooper, Rudolph Mckissick, Todd Bridges, and Harry Lennix, who also sheds light on the latest movie ‘Justice on Trial-The movie’ is talked about on this episode.

Behind the Scenes” is an infotainment podcast that provides the most valuable information subtly. This podcast can especially be useful to those who are seeking opportunities to start their career in the film industry.

Listen to the “Behind the Scenes” podcast now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other major platforms or watch the videocast on www.Blackfilm.com.

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