Introducing New Day Recovery’s Residential Drug Rehab for Women

Introducing New Day Recovery's Residential Drug Rehab for Women

BOARDMAN, Ohio – New Day Recovery is adding a women’s residential rehab to its innovative roster of drug and alcohol treatment services. Already purveyors of successful rehab centers for men and detox centers for men and women, it’s using its extensive experience in the addiction field to tailor treatment to ladies’ specific needs.

As neuroscience unravels the complexity of substance use disorders, it’s becoming increasingly clear that rehab programs are most effective when they’re targeted to the individual. Men and women respond differently to stimuli, particularly with regard to emotions and motivations. Gender-specific addiction treatment is a way of ensuring that the content of the program is relevant and appropriate for each resident.

All-Female Support

At the new center, ladies can feel secure knowing there’s an all-female staff. Whether it’s because of religion, trauma-related or simply a preference, we understand that many women feel more comfortable receiving treatment from other females.

Within our nurturing community, ladies can build confidence as they support each other throughout the healing process. We’ll help them to understand how vital it is to surround yourself with a supportive social network.

Holistic and Evidence-Based Therapy

With such a focus on community, group therapy is a crucial aspect of treatment at New Day Recovery. In addition to around seven hours a day of holistic and traditional therapy, residents enjoy indoor and outdoor activities, tasty, nutritious meals and recreation time.

Treatment modalities include detox, support with medication-assisted treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement, 12-step facilitation, trauma therapy and reality-based interventions. By developing a deeper understanding of themselves and how they developed their addiction, clients can begin to adapt their behavior. Additionally, treatment helps them to create new coping strategies and understand that they can resolve conflict in a healthy way.

A Brighter Future Is Possible

The aims of our residential programs, which last from 14 to 45 days, are to help women build a support network, develop essential life skills, improve their mental health and avoid relapse. There’s a focus on the essential role a healthy lifestyle plays in maintaining sobriety, so residents can learn how to excel in every aspect of life long after they finish the course.

We don’t just help women overcome drug or alcohol addiction; we also help them rebuild their lives. Our center is a safe and private space for them to heal, but they’ll also get help with searching for employment or enrolling in an educational course. At New Day Recovery’s new female residential rehab, women have the opportunity to start fresh and work towards a joyful and fulfilled future.

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