Cotton Novas Popularizes Pure Cotton Clothes at Reasonable Prices with Directly Sourced Material

July 10, 2020 – The lure of cotton had been the mainstay of trade across nations since very old times. Over the years, cotton too has undergone dramatic changes in how it is used, and all its variations have kept people interested in this natural fabric. 

Cotton Novas offers its customers cotton clothes at a fair price. The products are high quality, 100 percent pure cotton in the form of cotton clothing, cotton bed sheets and other products, all at unbeatable prices. Cotton Novas’ founding principle is to encourage more people to use cotton. Among the product range, Cotton Novas offers clothing sheets, towels, comforters, etc. 

A strategy used by Cotton Novas to keep prices low is to eliminate middlemen from the product-delivery cycle. Hence all costly business embellishments that have no bearing on quality have been cut out from the supply chain, and the savings are thus passed on to the end consumer. 

Our mission is to promote the use of cotton as widely as probably nature intended it to be. We offer cotton apparel and products at very fair prices, without sacrificing the quality of the produce,” said a spokesperson for Cotton Novas.

The business model of Cotton Novas makes sense considering the rising cost of cotton. This has occurred largely due to the involvement of branding and promotional activities, the presence of middlemen and rise in demand. The rising costs have led consumers opt for cheaper alternatives. 

A wonderful natural fiber, cotton is breathable, durable, tough and requires low maintenance. This makes it ideal for all clothing requirements. Cotton is also healthy for the skin, and is good to wear in summers. Cotton Novas is on a mission to spread the use of cotton far and wide, and to offer cotton products at the most reasonable prices.

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