‘PLAGUE 2020’ Reveals the Topsy-Turvy World in Quarantine through Globally Sourced Art and Poetry

July 10, 2020 – A global tragedy like Covid-19 has touched the nerves of literally every person in the world. Art is the medium where people pour their deepest experiences and thoughts, sharing them with others in the hope of making things better. PLAGUE 2020 is a work of gigantic proportions, a collection of poetry and art from around the world, and is now available for purchase.

How about some art inspired by the coronavirus? PLAGUE 2020, edited by poet, painter and artist Mahnaz Badihian, gives expression to and an outlet for artists caught up in countrywide lockdowns and the daily lives of those who can’t move around like in the old days.

PLAGUE 2020 comprises 300 pages of art and poetry created by a diverse set of artists from around the world, including those heard only on the margins. The artists are drawn from regions such as USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cameroon, Sri Lanka and many more. Poems written in local languages are published in English translations. 

“This book contains an outpouring of 130 poems that reflect on the isolation, grief, boredom, longing, and hope that people around the world feel as they deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Reading their poems, one senses that, although we must each cope with our unique circumstances vis-à-vis this contagion, we are in this together.” – Martin H. Levinson, Member of the Authors Guild, National Book Critics Circle, PEN America.

PLAGUE 2020 is not merely a collection of art and poetry, but a document of historical significance in the times to come, as it reveals the mental turmoil faced by the people of Earth to all subsequent generations yet to be born. Its diverse artists – teenagers, school children, adults, scientists, doctors and people from other walks of life – reveal what it was like to live through the pandemic, with effects of quarantines, fear of infection and death taking their toll. 

A portion from the proceeds of sale of PLAGUE 2020 will be donated to feed children in poor countries. The work will be distributed to museums and libraries around the world. The publication also welcomes sponsorships. 

Watch promo of Plague 2020: http://plague2020.org/plague-2020-video/

For more information, please visit: http://plague2020.org/ and http://mahmag.org

Purchase directly on Amazon here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08C96173M?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 

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