America’s Most Trusted Experts Announces 12 Experts To Follow in 2020

America’s Most Trusted Experts compiled a list of 12 distinguished Experts from different industries to help communities and people stay motivated.

Set The Bar Lower
by Maresa Friedman

Too often we expect to overcome adversity to be this big “AHA” moment where we have solved a major or very complex issue. There is a grace to knowing that in tough moments we can use simple tactics like redirection, breathing, or even acceptance to taking a moment in and not allowing it to spiral. Resilience is something that is often talked about at a high level but not in practice. It’s very simple, you fall – you get back up. You don’t stay down wallowing in why you fell, how you fell, or the things that made you fell. You get back up keep going and then look back in retrospect.

Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down!
by Jon Neal

Do you feel like giving up sometimes? Nothing seems to go right. When that happens to me, I look at the worst that could happen and make peace with it. Then I work my butt off to make the situation better. As the saying goes, “If you’re going through Hell, don’t look back, keep on going.” It almost always is never as bad as you thought it was going to be. Just remember that it will pass and you will have another experience to save in your life history.

There will be many experiences, good and not so good, that build your personality and character. Life is made up of highs, lows, and everything in between. Remember that and you’ll be fine.

The Essential Ingredients of Success are The Ability to Bounce Back from Adversity and a Positive Attitude. Adversity is The Parent of Virtue. Adversity Leads to Success.
by Charles Herisson

I have been a rugby player, a startupper, a speaker on affiliate marketing, and a serial entrepreneur, and I have always had the good fortune to meet exceptional people who have recorded extraordinary achievements.

In my job as CEO of Betadvisor, I often find myself among the best sports and business professionals. The best in these sectors have in common a strong resilience and an extraordinary ability to experience defeat and failure as an indispensable part of the growth path.

My mother taught me the best mantra in life is to never give up.

A true expert can see the opportunities in everything.

When a problem comes to me, I ask myself only one thing: how will I feel when I solve it?

I focus on the solution; I imagine and live in my mind the best of the possible scenarios, and at the same time I think about how I have overcome all the difficulties that I have had in the past. This releases my inner power and strengthens my attitude to perform to the maximum.

I have read many books since I was a boy about inner power.

I suggest to every friend of mine to read as much as possible about the secret of resilience.

I have been passionate about experiencing the limits in many of the sports that I have participated in because I understood that only defeat allows you to know your true potential.

I believe in the old expression that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. It’s through adversity that you find the strength you never knew you had. When trouble comes, in the darkest moments, I take control of my thoughts, my movements and my body and repeat myself with love.

Thanks, gods for my unconquerable soul.

I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul.

Stop Trying & Conquer Adversity
by Derrick Chevalier

It’s a subtle but important realization to learn that the words like “Try” or “Trying”, do far more harm than good to our psychological well-being, and forward momentum than most people realize. Why?

Because “Try” and “Trying” essentially lock one into a state of inertia, or emotional purgatory that neither promotes nor encourages actual progress, we’re stuck, we’ve neither made a commitment, nor taken a step forward (Or backward for that matter).

Don’t believe it? Okay, right now please sit down. Now, try standing up, what happens? Nothing.

I asked you to take an action “sit down”. Then I asked you to ‘try’ to stand up, if you stood up, that isn’t what I asked you to do, is it? If you remained seated, that isn’t what I asked you to do either, so if you followed the request and tried to stand up, what happened? Nothing. You were neither sitting nor standing, you were stuck somewhere in between.

When we are faced with adversity, the first step as explained in the book: Beyond Negotiating: From Fear To Fearless, is to “Acknowledge” the adversity or fear, followed by a series of other important steps detailed in the book. More importantly however, underlying every one of these steps is the need for “Relentless Action”.

Overcoming adversity will rarely if ever be defeated by “trying” anything, but it can almost always be subdued by mental focus, discipline, determination, and “relentless” purposeful “action”.

This is not to say that every action is going to create the result we want or desire, when our actions don’t achieve the goal we’re seeking, we learn from our mistakes, make modifications, and then take more “relentless action”.

Stop “trying”, take “relentless action”, and you are going to be AMAZED by what happens because “relentless action” is the key to conquering adversity.

Overcoming Adversity During COVID-19
by Claudia Loens

As the Founder of Wordflirt, I am constantly managing my mindset, especially during difficult times. By reframing a thought from fear or negativity into a neutral or positive thought, I can feel the situation shift. Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong during this time, we’ve pivoted to help our clients get more visibility.

Do Black Lives Matter to Racist Police Officers?
by Mark Bello

Keep going and don’t let a setback or two discourage you from your goal. No one is perfect-no one gets it right every time. Become a go-to expert in your chosen field. Hard work and perseverance are your tickets to success. If at first you don’t succeed-try, try again.

Know Your Value to Stay Motivated
by Diane Gardner

When you freely share valuable business information with others, you become a “go to” resource for other entrepreneurs. My friend, Mike Michalowicz (author of Profit First and Fix This Next), is a great example of this concept. As a Mastery level member of his Profit First Professionals group, I also embrace the philosophy of sharing valuable information freely so others can grow and become more successful.

I make it a habit to share knowledge with others without expecting them to purchase something from me. This can range from giving away copies of my books to speaking to groups of people about tax planning and profit planning strategies. Over the years, I’ve seen these strategies have a huge impact for those clients who have implemented them.

When you are someone who shares knowledge freely, you can be assured you are building value for others.

As you make this a part of your core values, your value increases over and over again. It’s pretty easy to stay motivated when you see positive changes in your clients, patients, or customers as a result of your work. This helps to drive home your value which, in turn, allows you to stay motivated each day.

You can find some examples of this type of sharing on my website: and in my newest book, “Unleash the Power of Tax Planning” where I share many great examples of ways for entrepreneurs to save money on their taxes.

So, know your value and you will stay motivated each and every day!

Work Hard And Always Strive To Do Better Than Your Previous Best!
by Bob Lorimer

At the Arnold Sports Festival, our motivation is knowing our event has such an impact on the 22,000 athletes who compete on our weekend and on the Columbus community with $51.4 million in economic impact. Knowing we create an event that positively affects so many people motivates us daily to keep improving and “to always do better than our previous best.”

How To Manifest and Live Your Dreams
by David Christopher Lee
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Have a dream and do everything possible to achieve your dreams. As a kid from a suburb of Los Angeles, I dreamt of getting paid to travel the world, working with celebrities, staying in the best hotels and experiencing life to the fullest. Have a dream and do everything possible to achieve your dreams. As a kid from a suburb of Los Angeles, I dreamt of getting paid to travel the world, working with celebrities, staying in the best hotels, and experiencing life to the fullest.

To make my dreams a reality, I tried my best to be at the right place at the right time. I managed to find my way to high profile charity events, award shows, fancy hotels and restaurants. I met incredibly successful people and learned from them. They would invite me on trips, to their parties and we developed a relationship.

I told them that I was a photographer and that I was incredibly ambitious. They liked me so many of them introduced me to other people who could help me. A successful relationship is all about giving and taking. People would help me and I would help was mutually beneficial.

I used my platform of photography and my sites, Destination Luxury and Slim Living to build my relationships. As I built up my network, more started to happen. My universe was opening and I was attracting the energy that I had dreamed of. I was doing shoots with Richard Branson in the Bahamas, Lady Gaga in Hollywood and eventually I started traveling to new cities for months at a time. To this day, I’ve been to 40 countries for 1 to 4 months at a time and I’ve used the same strategy of building in every city I’ve been to.

In order to get results, you need to be consistent. You need to keep in touch with people and you need to remember the details. Add some hard work on top of that and you can achieve anything.

Love Yourself Enough to Succeed
by Victoria Ipri

In my lifetime, I’ve been abused, divorced, bankrupt, alone, and hungry. I’ve survived the deaths of numerous loved ones, domestic violence, and several types of cancer. I’ve lived with a rare disease for 30+ years. I’ve owned several businesses, a few of which failed. If anyone should want to give up, it would be me! But my thirst for success never dampens because of a personal mantra I began using in my 20s…”First, you breathe.” I’ll bet you’ve caught yourself not breathing in a stressful moment, right? Me too, and nothing empowers me more than to stop whatever it is I’m doing and take a deep breath. So simple, yet so effective, and it’s free! And as you take that breath, tell yourself, as many times as needed…”inhale the future…exhale the past…”

We’re living through very strange and stressful times. And yet each of us is blessed beyond measure with a gift called “tomorrow”. No one can take away your tomorrow without your permission! So try this success-building exercise: as you lay down your head tonight, ask yourself:

“What one small thing can I do tomorrow to step closer to success?”

Maybe it’s a small thing like making an unpleasant a phone call, or a big thing like finishing a challenging project. It doesn’t matter, because success is simply the accomplishment of a goal or purpose. Size doesn’t matter; it’s about the accomplishment. So set your intention as you fall asleep and, when you wake up, commit to pursuing your goal to completion. Do it again the next night, and the next and, before you know it, you won’t be simply thinking about success…you’ll be a success. Breathe. Plan. Do. Repeat.

The #1 Proven Method to STAY Motivated
by Griselda Beck

Ever run a race? Train by doing all of the right things leading up to race day, strong start…and halfway through the race you start to “feel the pain”, doubts enter your thoughts, and you start to want to give up.

All too often, we find ourselves motivated enough to investment time, money, and energy to achieve a goal, only to lose momentum at some point along the way. Motivation is a mindset determined by values, fueled by purpose, and powered to the degree we believe that goal is possible. The key to staying motivated lies in the powerful routine below that will continuously clarify and replenish these key factors.

Impactful Gratitude: Each morning, first thing upon waking, think of someone who has impacted your life’s journey thus far – someone that encouraged or empowered you, caused you to see yourself differently or believe in yourself. In the evening, last thing just before you fall asleep, write down the highlight of your day. The impact and people we are grateful for are reflections of our values, the hindsight serves to remind us of what was possible, and recalling of positive experiences reduces negative throught patterns. This practice is a powerful mindset mechanism built into your routine.

Focused Action: Each morning, after gratitude, write down the top 1-3 things you will get done today including why you chose each one to make the list that day. Each evening, before gratitude, write down the top three things you accomplished that day, #smallwins. This is a powerful focus mechanism built into your routine.

Empowered Opportunity: Each evening, before focused action, write down one thing you could have done better, forgive yourself and let it go. Next, write one “note to self” identifying what you will do differently or better the next day the highlight or underline it. Each morning read this “note to self” after your focused actions. This is a powerful course correction mechanism built into your routine.

This powerful routine is a self-replenishing cycle sure to keep fueling your motivation and driving momentum!

Questions Are The Answers!
by Bert Martinez

Believe It or Not, adversity is Good. Adversity creates innovation. Some of the world’s biggest companies, products, and or services were derived or created because of adversity. Adversity makes us stronger, makes us more resilient, makes us grateful, and more importantly, makes us humble. Adversity is like a strong workout, we hate it when we are going through it, but we’re so proud at the finish.

My # 1 Tip. So when you’re going through adversity ask empowering questions. What is good about this? What can I learn from this? How will this benefit me in the future? What are the resources that I can tap into? If you have questions or would like to get free training just text me at (602) 560-7981!

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