Music producer Scorpio Kid sees reputation in hip-hop rapidly growing

Up and coming Canadian beatmaker developing new platform to allow artists to collaborate. This has been described as one of the most important and exciting developments in the music world for artists to collaborate.

July 10, 2020 – Montreal, Canada – Hip-hop has a number of high-profile individuals making their marks on the music scene. While many rappers seek the limelight, there are just as many individuals behind the scenes writing, composing, and producing music. Scorpio Kid, aka TSK Beats, is one of those artists that remains behind the scenes, consistently building a reputation as one of the premier producers and beatmakers in modern hip-hop.

Scorpio Kid has developed a signature sound featuring a blend of strings, percussion, and brass instruments. The combination of instruments makes it easy for rappers with a melodic flow to create engaging, soulful music. Scorpio Kid takes an unusual approach to creating and producing music. He blends classic analog mixing and mastering techniques with modern hip-hop to make a unique sound. Scorpio Kid’s aim is to reclaim authenticity in hip-hop culture by recording the unique forgotten sounds of old-school hip-hop music.

TSK Beats is working with some well-trusted app developers to build a platform for rappers and songwriters seeking to collaborate. The social community for hip-hop artists will make it possible for aspiring rappers to get together and create music more easily. The platform will be similar to Twitch allowing artists to receive donations from fans and other musicians.

The Montreal-based hip-hop producer has worked with a host of local musicians to craft, record, and release songs. Aspiring hip-hop artists can visit TSK Beats’ official website to purchase or lease Pro Hip-hop Beats and lay down lyrics for each song. Scorpio Kid also offers web design, mixing, and mastering services for artists.

Since the news was announced, it has gained huge exposure around the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, and USA. For more information on Scorpio Kid, please visit his official website

To listen to TSK Beats’ latest tracks and beats, please visit his official YouTube page.

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