How To Make Audiovisual Production In Covid-19 Times

How To Make Audiovisual Production In Covid-19 Times

Priscilla Rojas and Linda Rojas

Linda Rojas and Priscilla Rojas, TV and Film Producers in the city of Miami, with 12 years of experience in the Latin and Anglo-Saxon market, nominated in two categories at the 2019 Emmy Awards, with 3 Telly Awards in consecutive years, and deserving of other international awards, they tell us how difficult it has been to carry out a project in a television studio or film project in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“We have seen with concern, how the different economic sectors have been affected by the pandemic, generating in turn quarantine and curfews in the State of Florida, which is where we work more frequently. We consider that the Entertainment and Information sector has been one of the hardest hit, as it is not a secret for anyone, that hundreds of productions have been canceled, many studios have closed their doors, the television media were already having financial problems. But we believe that everything can be solved or we can change the strategy,” said Linda Rojas, producer and Public Relations Specialist.

One of the ways that the producers got to carry out film or television productions has been through digital platforms. Given this, Priscilla Rojas, Director-Producer commented that the community in general is dealing with many changes, since she reports that “We entered without realizing it, and in an obligatory way, in the second digital age. For example: we can contact personalities or politicians in just minutes around the world. Another factor is the immediacy, and of course, to make use of these virtual recording tools, which do not let us have a better sound or quality resolution. What we should do, is keep creativity at our fingertips, and then insert these interviews in different formats to be developed as we did in our last documentary entitled Quarantine Faces.”

However, they also highlighted that they have participated in several film productions during this challenging time, since they were projects that were planned for several months ago. We have to reduce  the number of talents, crew members and shooting days. “What we want is to be able to continue working on what we missed during quarantine. For this reason, we are taking some simple precautions,” said Linda Rojas.

In this sense, Priscilla Rojas added that another of the fundamental changes have been in the following key points: “Before we start any production, we delivered a health protection kit, as well as including within the functions of our production team and even ourselves the periodic distribution of antibacterial to the Crew and talent on set. On the other hand, the catering is no longer available as a self-service station, but rather in individual containers with cutlery packets, in order to avoid any contamination.”

Finally, Priscilla ensures that the best prevention is information and the state of consciousness, because if each member of the crew keeps wearing masks, as well as the regular process of using antibacterial or washing hands with soap, we will be able to fight the virus on set.

“We want to inspire and motivate all professionals in the field and, in turn, students not to falter with their goals, because the challenges always exist, now the situation is no less different, we must make cinema in Covid-19 days,” said Linda Rojas.

Their projects have been critically acclaimed and welcomed by the national and international audience thanks to their artistic quality and unique vision through the audiovisual company Alpha Entertainment Services.

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