Meet the young entrepreneur who has designed a marketplace for online volunteering in order to make this planet a beautiful place to live

Yosef Sigaud is all set to launch ShareNest that is an online volunteer marketplace aimed at removing the barriers between those who wish to serve and those who require services!

Miami, FL, USA – ShareNest is a unique platform that is soon going to go live with its one of a kind service. The website is designed to serve as a 2-sided marketplace for online volunteering so that people who are willing to help and the organizations that are in need of volunteer work can come together and work for meaningful causes.

ShareNest is the brainchild of Yosef Sigaud, a Brazilian American who battled his way out of depression with a new perspective regarding life. His life changed completely after he spent 1-year volunteering at Kabbalah Centre because he not only was able to experience great joy and fulfillment through the power of giving back and sharing with others, he was also able to find his true purpose in life. He was convinced that the only way to spread love and peace in this world is to promote service-learning and provide ample volunteer opportunities to people across the globe so that they can feel the feelings of fulfillment along with playing their parts in causes greater than them.

While talking about his vision and the mechanisms of, Yosef said: “Visualize an online platform that would allow people to quickly create their profile describing the talents they can share with the world, the causes they would like to be involved with, and how much they will be willing to give back. Then, imagine organizations, projects, and people from all over the world having the ability to reach out to those individuals, and enroll them in highly impactful projects, that make a real difference!”

Volunteering is an act of kindness and greatness. It instills in one the feeling of compassion and empathy. Along with having a positive impact on one’s self-esteem, volunteering also improves emotional intelligence. On the professional side, volunteering during one’s student life improves the college experience and increases job prospects. It is one of the best ways to reduce wasting time on unnecessary things and working on something meaningful which not only increases community engagement but also helps one to create meaningful connections in real life. ShareNest is on a mission to engage as many people as it can to volunteer and reap these benefits. is the optimal platform for everyone looking to extend a helping hand in whatever capacity they can. Not-for-profit and other caused driven organizations can also register themselves on this platform to get connected with a pool of volunteers. Together with ShareNest, this world can be made a better place to live.

About the Company:

ShareNest is the world’s first “2-sided” marketplace for online volunteering that aims to connect those who can help with those who need help. The platform is going to go live soon and is accepting registrations from interested volunteers and organizations.

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