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A recent study found that 50% of women are unhappy with their double chins. The V Line Lifting Mask is a Double Chin remover that provides a non-surgical way to reduce fat without needles, surgery, or taking time off work. Due to its results, it has gained huge exposure around the world.

After the huge success of the Under Eye Mask which helped thousand people to handle their puffy bags/ under eye circles, L’ameriq have launched a new product which will take care of the lower part of the face – chin and v-line zone. The new double chin reducer that helps remove the excess fat underneath the chin without the need for needles, surgery, or any downtime has gained huge exposure around the world for the positive results that it provides. Lameriq V Line Lifting Mask ( which uses tried and tested technology lifts and firms that chin and jawline. It helps to tighten the chin, providing a firmness and reduce chin outline.

The non-invasive face lifting mask has been designed to lift and firm the chin, by reducing the sagging skin that can produce a double chin. The L’ameriq V-Mask provides a fast solution to improve the appearance of the face by producing slimming results and tighter skin. Through wearing the mask, it provides a younger, smoother and firmer face. By just wearing the mask for 30 minutes at a time it can also reduce wrinkles, without the need for surgery.

The face lifting mask has quickly become one of the most important beauty products after a recent study found that women are unhappy with their double chin appearance. The recent survey which asked 1,996 women aged between 18-57 if they were happy with their chin produced some surprising results. 50% of women said they were not happy with the submental fullness, or excess fat underneath their chin (Double Chin). 49% of the women surveyed said they felt that the first thing a person notices about them is their chin, and feels their double chin negatively impacts their appearance. 47% said their double chin also affected their confidence and they wished they could solve the excess fat problem underneath their chin.

The L’ameriq V Line Lifting Mask has helped to reduce the cost or reducing double chin fat and allowed women to have the producer without worrying about taking time off work. Double chin surgery varies in cost depending on where people go for surgery and how much excess fat needs to be removed. The cost for double chin removal can be anywhere between $2000 to $12,700. On top of that, patients are advised to take up to two weeks off work, which adds to the expense of having the excess fat removed. The V Line Lifting Mask costs just $19.95 and those looking to use this procedure only have to wear it for 30 minutes a day.

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