Survey Says: Nashville Is Not Just Country Music

Survey Says: Nashville Is Not Just Country Music
The People of Music City’s Demand for Gender & Racial Equality on Music Row

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – On June 15, 2020, in the midst of the national Black Lives Matter movement and just two days before the peaceful protest on Music Row, Nashville Is Not Just Country Music released an anonymous survey and posed the question to the music community of Nashville, “Does Music Row Reflect Music City?” The purpose of the survey was to give the musicians and creatives of Nashville an opportunity to let their voices be heard and in turn use that data to share with the decision makers on Music Row, in order to incite change and diversity throughout the industry.

The results of the, “Does Music Row Reflect Music City?”, survey were compiled of participants whose ages range from 18-50+. The majority of those surveyed represented Black/African-Americans at 46.2 percent and White/Caucasian at 42.8 percent. 11 percent identified themselves as Other, Hispanic/Latin American, Biracial or Asian. 66.2 percent of the people surveyed do not believe Music Row is interested in any other genre of music other than Country. Almost half, 43.4 percent, of those surveyed believe sometimes they would have a better music career if they left Nashville, and 47.6 percent believe they have experienced discrimination on Music Row. The overwhelming consensus is that respondents believe music companies in Nashville should offer more inclusion, diversity and opportunities as it relates to all genres and the signing and hiring of executive and creative talent.

Jamila McCarley and Thalia Ewing (Mimi & Muziqueen), Partner and Founder of Nashville Is Not Just Country Music (NINJCM), have been tirelessly sewing invaluable knowledge, tangible resources and economic opportunities into the soil of Nashville’s Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop and R&B music community since 2014. NINJCM’s mission is to cultivate Nashville’s diverse music scene and to expose creatives to Music Row, which they have already begun doing by way of hosting writers rounds at revered Nashville music venues like The Listening Room and Acme Feed & Seed as well as successfully partnering with industry leading companies on Music Row for mixer events and educational panels.

“We are highly interested in bridging the gap between Music Row and Nashville’s diverse music scene. We’ve been cultivating this community for a long time. We understand their needs, challenges, frustration, and especially their talents and what they have to offer Music City.” – Jamila McCarley

There are several tangible action steps the participants of this survey said they would like to see implemented into the infrastructure of businesses on Music Row. NINJCM invites all decision makers within the Nashville music industry to reach out to them if they would like to initiate some of these points into their company’s policies.

“We are here simply to be the voice of the community… to express their needs and desires that they have shared with us. Through NINJCM’s principles of community, opportunity, resources and education, one of our goals is to collaborate and work in tandem with the businesses of Music Row in order to be a bridge between them and the creative community we have come to know so well.” – Thalia Ewing

Mimi & Muziqueen are available for virtual speaking engagements with companies within the Nashville music industry and are ready to be an invaluable resource to your business. If you are interested in learning more about the action steps your company can take, let’s have a conversation!

NINJCM provides support to the Nashville based creative through music business education, networking, community & professional relationships and career advancing opportunities.

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