Jaded Local Creates Eco-Friendly, Designer-Inspired Hair Accessories for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

Jaded Local Creates Eco-Friendly, Designer-Inspired Hair Accessories for the Eco-Conscious Consumer
These beautifully unique hair accessories are made from locally sourced recycled materials.

Gulfport, MS – Jaded Local is pleased to announce its new range of handcrafted hair accessories created from recycled and deadstock fabrics. Unique, accessible, and affordable, the products are designed for women who are conscious consumers – those who make every effort to reduce waste and their carbon footprint.

Jaded Local founder Pauline Orr has written a number of interesting and enlightening posts on her blog at https://getjadedlocal.com about the devastating effects of fast fashion. As Pauline explains it, fast fashion is the continual flow of clothing made as quickly and cheaply as possible. Low prices and new trends have created a surge in demand for new clothes which has resulted in the exploitation of both factory workers and the earth itself.

“Fast fashion exploits its third-world workers to such an extent that some factories have seen the need to prevent suicide attempts on the part of their workers,” says Pauline. “The conditions that these men, women, and children are forced to work in are horrendous. Although reports about these issues do make the news from time to time, too many people choose to ignore what’s going on and continue to encourage these practices by buying fast fashion clothing items.”

Pauline adds that the textile dyeing industry is the second largest polluter after animal agriculture. One hundred corporations are single-handedly responsible for 71% of the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“The only way things will ever change is for us to educate ourselves, share what we know, and do our part by shopping responsibly. And that’s why I created Jaded Local. Slow fashion is often unaffordable, but I wanted to create quality pieces from recycled materials that are easily accessible, unique, and affordable.

Many of Pauline’s clothing items are made from deadstock fabric – fabrics that have been rejected by businesses or mills, which usually ends up in the landfill. Because deadstock fabric is usually limited in quantity, Pauline finds that it works well for her limited edition collections, particularly for hair accessories.

To view Jaded Local’s stunning eco-friendly hair accessories, visit the website at https://jadedlocal.etsy.com. By joining the company’s email list, customers can currently get a free hair barrette (made with the same recycled fabrics) with their order.

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