meetspaceVR Introduces A New Warehouse Scale, Free-roam VR Gaming Experience – Undead Arena

meetspaceVR Introduces A New Warehouse Scale, Free-roam VR Gaming Experience - Undead Arena


Zero Latency, the global leader in warehouse scale, free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality gaming opened its latest VR venue (meetspaceVR) in Wembley BoxPark last October. meetspaceVR are now launching a brand new game to kick start their opening after COVID lockdown. Undead Arena is launching at meetspaceVR’s Wembley and Nottingham venues with bookings now open.

meetpsaceVR were just on the verge of launching a regular series of vSports tournaments at their venues when COVID hit. Over 75,000 players have taken on saving the world from zombie hoards and robot invaders in Nottingham and Wembley over the past 2 years. meetspaceVR’s Birmingham launch has been delayed and is now scheduled for September at The Arena Birmingham.

Although there was a pause in operations the time has been used to prepare for a new phase of growth across the UK and to ensure all processes were physically distanced by design. Customers have started to return and are thankful for the care and attention to detail shown by staff at each location.

“Our customers are ready to return after being in lock down and we felt now was the time to release our new game, Undead Arena. Our best zombie game yet”, explained CEO John Lilley. “Everyone loves the zombie genre and it has been a hit with everyone that has played so far. You are untethered with up to 8 friends in an area the size of a tennis court. This is not your usual cubicle-based VR experience”. The new game pits your squad against waves of Undead in an ‘80’s inspired, post-apocalyptic game show setting and promises to overtake the previous best seller, zombie survival.

meetspaceVR is located inside BoxPark Wembley and the into Victoria Centre Nottingham. Inside players battle zombies, rogue robots and each other! Warehouse scale, free roam VR offers a social version of the typically anti-social VR experience.

After three months of lockdown, who doesn’t want to get together with your bubble and enjoy releasing pent up tension. Bookings are now pre-booked and sessions of 5 players or more are made private.

“With more than 75,000 players having already played our free-roam VR games in Nottingham and Wembley, we’ve seen a huge demand from players of all generations and backgrounds. This experience is not just for gamers,” said John Lilley, CEO of meetspaceVR.

“If you thought our previous zombie experiences were fun, just wait until you have a chance to try Undead Arena! You are in a tennis court sized arena but you feel as if you are in an enormous, retro, warehouse. The large open spaces in our VR and vSports arenas gives us more flexibility to develop social experiences for groups. Players at meetspaceVR are not “battery farmed” into tight spaces, booths or cubicles. We have designed our entire venue to be sociable, open and inclusive,” says John Lilley, CEO.

“It’s not your usual VR experience”

Zero Latency offers a unique gameplay and a whole new gaming experience. Equipped with VR headsets, headphones, military-styled backpacks and a gun, players move freely in an empty warehouse, but see virtually generated worlds in which the games take place. Undead Arena utilises clever tricks of light, space and game design to make the arena feel immense.

The Nottingham and Wembley Arena has opened bookings for Undead Arena in July. Tickets can be booked

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