Expert Advice Three Basic Rules of Cyber Security from White Hat Hacker

The hacker Emircan Duzer, who hacked the institutions and organizations that he advised by using his hacking skills for defense purposes, warned against attacks coming over the internet.

Disconnect Your Wi-Fi When You Are Not Using the Internet.

Duzer, known for his pseudonym “e.dxzr” in the internet world, is known for being a member of the ‘white hat hacker’ group who spends his hacking ability to do the right things. Securing the official social media accounts of institutions and organizations, Duzer explained how personal users should protect their accounts with these words:

“Always set separate passwords for all your accounts on social media and similar platforms. In case you register with the same passwords, the hacker accessing an account can confiscate others through this password. Also, turn off your Wi-Fi connection when you are not using it. Thus, hackers cannot access the device without internet connection remotely and take over your device in any way.”

Three Basic Rules in Cyber ​​Security

Expressing that there are three basic rules that he applies for cybersecurity, Emircan Duzer underlined that if these rules are applied, users will not encounter the problem of hacking easily. Duzer,

“I have 3 basic rules about cybersecurity, namely in my internet life: speaking, receiving, and trusting. When you say ‘don’t talk’, don’t give your personal information to anyone. There may be malicious people who want to take over your accounts by using even the smallest pieces of information against you. ‘Receiving’ rule, do not click on links you do not trust. Never click on your mail, WhatsApp or any communication tool you use, links from people you don’t know. In some cases, it may even come from your acquaintances, the source of the link may drop you into the network of malicious people. Be careful about this. Finally, I mean the word ‘Don’t Trust’, do not trust anyone on the internet. These rules keep you safe in the internet world.”

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