A Preventive Safety company is taking a new approach towards “The Talk”.

On July 18th, 2020, TLAC NOW, a Preventive Safety company will proudly release EXPANDING “THE TALK”, the only safety program of it’s kind.  EXPANDING “THE TALK”  takes the African American traditional “talk” about safety and the Police and combines it with survial strategies to help reduce the likelihood of injury and death during contact with Law Enforcement.  This video driven program uses safety instruction and personal interviews to gives viewers insight into the African American experience with policing and a workable strategy for reducing a bad encounter with the Police.

EXPANDING “THE TALK” was developed through the joint efforts of retired Law Enforcement officers and members of the African American community.  They were brought together by TLAC NOW, a company dedicated to improving life through Preventive Safety.  EXPANDING “THE TALK” is very necessary and the recent deaths of George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and other Law Enforcement related deaths further amplify the need for this program.  

“There have always been serious issues between Law Enforcement and the African American community, and we’ve reached the tipping point.” says Gregory O. DuPree, retired Police Officer and Director of Training at TLAC NOW.  “When Police contacts go bad, they have long-lasting and damaging effects on a community. No other community has experienced this more than the African American community.  This program is needed and couldn’t be more timely.”

The promotional video and course information can be found: HERE

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