Colier SEO Services Explains Why Investing in SEO Will Keep Businesses Alive During COVID-19

Businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic as many industries have been hit hard by lockdowns and months of quarantine. Global markets have dipped through historical lows as the FTSE, Dow Jones and the Nikkei saw their biggest quarterly drops since 1987. Meanwhile, consumers are moving their purchasing behaviours online as essentials and value buying are the major trend.

Consumers are shopping online more than ever

In the U.S. alone, future ecommerce purchases are expected to increase by 160% from new or low frequency users. According to reports by McKinsey, while consumer spend most of their money on groceries and essentials, their purchasing behaviour across other categories such as apparel has shifted online. If your business has suffered major losses during COVID-19, it’s time to get that website up and compete on google for new online customers.

Keywords- the gate way to online success

The first step to competing on google is conducting an extensive keyword search. This is how you find keywords that people actually search for and that aren’t conflicting with huge competitors within your market. That means aiming for keywords that are both relevant and low in competition, since there’s no point trying to optimize for keywords that are highly unlikely to yield any results.

You can start by simply brainstorming terms that customers are likely to search for. Sort them into the most relevant buckets or categories while you write them down. Keep in mind that intent is also a major factor when selecting keywords, since “buy shoes online” is a different buyer state than “cheap shoes online”. Speaking of cheap, stay away from that keyword if it’s not what you actually offer. It can attract a whole different customer base that is completely off target.

Ramp up your technical SEO, says SEO Expert Cristina Colier

Using search engine optimization tools and plugins like Yoast to measure and improve the on-site SEO of every page is extremely important. If you are using a builder like WordPress there’s an abundance of plugins and tools. Otherwise, most website builders like Shopify, Wix or Square Space each have their own SEO guides, tools and dashboards to give you a sense of how your on-site SEO is progressing.

“Your on-site SEO is the first opportunity for your business to stand out. Use keywords and page descriptions that reflect customer intention and that you can compete for,” says Colier.

Apply your most unique and niche keywords to your page meta descriptions. Be sure to apply your common keyword theme throughout your entire site and don’t miss the small details from the h2 titles to the alt text titles of your images.

Create your content and brand identity with your target market in mind

Start by asking yourself the question- who are my real customers? If the answer is “yoga moms”, that still isn’t precise yet. What does the day of a yoga mom look like? How old is she? Draw up an entire profile and persona so that you can understand how to speak to your customer base and find a common language that they would most likely respond to. Would they appreciate a formal or an eye-level tone? How much guidance would they need, if at all? Once you understand how your customers think, apply that to your site content for everything from the about section to the blog. It all needs to be a cohesive, captivating language.

We hope our brief guide gives you a glimpse into what Colier SEO services can do for you from creating your brand, to content strategy and SEO. Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help position your business to succeed during COVID-19 and thrive online.

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