Don’t Closedown… There’s A Possible Buyer For An Unsellable Business

Emerging mergers and acquisitions management group, Shi Acquisitions LLC, gets the ball rolling on acquiring businesses that are deemed unsellable

LOS ANGELES – Shi Acquisitions LLC has reiterated its commitment to working with business owners who believe their business is not attractive to buyers in the market or who are experiencing trouble selling.

A 2019 report published by The Small Business Administration (SBA) shows there are over 30.5 million small businesses in the United States, accounting for 99.7 percent of all businesses in the country. In keeping with the Exit Planning Institute (EPI) approximately 20% of those small businesses placed on the market actually sell — the recent economic downturn due to Covid-19 has only exacerbated the difficulties in selling.

“So many business owners have convinced themselves that their business is unsellable and have considered closing and [sic] the last thing our economy needs right now is more businesses shutting its doors. Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy so we’re putting the word out to business owners letting them know that all is not lost and we’re probably a good match [sic]”, Shi Hawthorne, MBA owner of Shi Acquisitions told reporters.

The move by Shi Acquisitions LLC has become necessary considering the increasing number of companies experiencing negative cash flow, in need of a turnaround, in debt, or owners who are ready to retire and have had enough. Many businesses in varying situations are eyeing the possibility of shutting down however, Shi Acquisitions LLC has expressed its willingness to purchase several companies who have been deemed unsellable.

The Shi Acquisitions team of professionals is looking to turn around the fortunes of small enterprises across the nation as they work directly with ‘for sale by owner’ business owners to acquire their companies. The group aims quickly to close deals while eliminating broker fees in most cases.

Businesses that are candidates to be acquired must satisfy the minimum requirements of at least $1 million (+/-) in previous revenue, staffed, operational, and located in the USA.

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About Shi Acquisitions LLC

Shi Acquisitions LLC was founded by Shi Hawthorne, MBA as a mergers and acquisitions management group that focuses on buying and growing small to medium-sized businesses. Otherwise known as Shi The Business Flipper, Shi Hawthorne MBA helps to eliminate the hurdles, delays, and unnecessary fees when it comes to selling a business.

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