What is the composition and working principle of a fogging machine

The composition and working principle of fogging machine

1. Fogging machine is mainly composed of four parts: water, circuit, oil road, gas road. Including: carburetor, engine and explosion pipe, heat pipe, heat dissipation hood, frame, fuel tank, liquid medicine box, box handle, liquid medicine (oil, gas) pipeline and pipeline accessories, etc.

2. The working principle of mist machine is working, pulse engine produced by high temperature and high pressure air flow from the nozzle exit highway, open the medicine after the valve, the pressure of the cabinet (engine to yuexiang inflatable 60 per second formation pressure) hydraulic to tube medicine, mixed with high temperature and high speed air flow, at the instant of the encounter, liquid in 60 seconds shattered into micron particles in the air cooling form the mist (smoke) high speed from the nozzle, and the rapid spread, when the object to this mist or smoke, have played an important role in or processing

(I) Spraying greenhouses (with water spray)

(1). Low water consumption saves time and effort. For greenhouses crops have humidity, as usual spraying cloudy and rainy days, 100 meters of length of greenhouses 10 minutes can be sprayed.

(2). Fast, mist machine spray produced by fine particles penetration is strong, can directly through the plant canopy insect killing, leaving no dead Angle.

(3). The effect lasts long and the temperature is high. 0.5 — 1.0 micron particles, floating in the air for a long time (2 — 8 hours). In the winter greenhouse temperature is too low, the machine can be used as a greenhouse temperature machine.

(4). Less residual drug: mist mist machine atomized particles fine, diffuse uniform, is the current development of green pollution-free vegetables 1 with equipment.

(2) Spraying fruit trees (water spray)

1. When to spray: Apply before sunrise or after sunset when there is no wind or breeze.

2. Spraying weather: the air humidity is 30-80%, the air temperature is below 25 degrees Celsius, the air pressure is low under the weather (the lower the air temperature, the higher the air humidity, the better the spraying effect).

3. Ratio: according to 150 kilograms of water — into the machine 15 kilograms of medicine box, can be 1 mu of land, add diffuse length can reach 10-15 meters above.

4. Spray: under the trunk, on the trunk, even, diffuse the whole tree, do not for a long time to a place, generally a tree 1-2 seconds can be completed.


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