Masterminds Early Learning’s Online Preschool Delivers Private Education at a Fraction of the Cost

Masterminds Early Learning’s Online Preschool Delivers Private Education at a Fraction of the Cost
Masterminds online preschool offers a fully-rounded, award-winning curriculum curated for home learning to accelerate children’s development in the crucial years from 0-6

SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 – A profound structural shift in the global market is not some future occurrence – it is taking place now and is likely to be accelerated by the current circumstances. We’re not just experiencing disruption but a redistribution of jobs that will require entirely different skills. The pace of disruptive change is expected to increase exponentially.

What will living in a world in constant flux require from our children?

According to child development experts, children exposed to high-impact early learning between the crucial ages of 0 – 6 have been proven to have a vastly more connected brain with lifelong implications for learning, achievement, emotional resilience and well-being.

The Masterminds Preschool curriculum is based on the latest neuroscience in child development and research from Nobel Prize Winners. The minimum outcome standards at each stage are defined based on the US Common Core framework. Beyond the base curriculum, Masterminds implements its proprietary ‘Pathways to Excellence’ framework, which was developed to inspire a love of learning and especially, to stretch and challenge children’s abilities. Masterminds simply harnesses children’s innate desire to learn to develop Intellectual, Physical and Social excellence within each child.

Masterminds Private Preschools operate around the world with tuition fees ranging from $15,000 – $25,000 per year. Parents can now access this proven, award-winning curriculum through Masterminds Online Preschool at a small fraction of the cost.

With most of the world staying home, Masterminds is providing parents an opportunity to accelerate their child’s development during the critical period of 0 – 6 years. It has curated programs for when brain development is at its peak. Masterminds’ programs have been proven to put children on a pathway to excellence throughout their lives.

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About Masterminds Early Learning

Masterminds Early Learning’s proprietary education programs combine a mother’s traditional wisdom with 60 years of research in child development by Nobel Prize winners to nurture Intellectual, Physical and Social Excellence in children 0 – 6 years through joyous learning.

Masterminds Digital Preschool provides parents access to a proven, award-winning curriculum at a small fraction of the cost.

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