With an integration of overseas cities’ texture and a looped broadcast on numerous screens, the publicity films of Chengdu WUG Summer receive positive reviews


“I didn’t expect to see the publicity films of the 31st Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games Summer (hereinafter referred to as “Chengdu WUG Summer”) in France, let alone see the films near our school,” Pierre, a French university student, told reporters. The publicity film of one-year countdown to the Chengdu WUG Summer reminded him of his wonderful trip to Chengdu last year. “Chengdu is a young city, as vibrant as the World University Games. I hope to visit Chengdu again when the Chengdu WUG Summer is held next year.” On August 18, 2020, local time, the publicity film of one-year countdown to the Chengdu WUG Summer was unveiled in 25 cities of 13 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Thailand, and etc. 

The publicity area covers bars, tea houses, cafes, convenience stores, commercial complexes and other living spaces near 120 well-known universities such as Columbia University, University of California, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Stuttgart, University of Barcelona, University of Paris-Dauphine, University of Amsterdam, University of Tokyo, and etc. Additionally, on the mainstream overseas social networking websites and media, such as Facebook and YouTube, relevant information about the one-year countdown to the Chengdu WUG Summer is also simultaneously broadcast to the world.

It’s reported that the overseas publicity activities of the Chengdu WUG Summer adhere to the tenet of “hosting the Games in all regards”, aiming at telling the story of hosting the Games, operating the city, developing the industry, and benefiting the people, and using immersive and experiential publicity methods to increase the films’ impressiveness and attractiveness, and enhance the influence of foreign communication.

Focusing on the local characteristic elements, the publicity films of Chengdu WUG Summer are introduced to the overseas

It’s reported that the publicity films that unveiled abroad this time include the “2021 Welcome to Chengdu” publicity film of the one-year countdown to the Chengdu WUG Summer, the films of the official key visual design and of the one-year countdown celebration of the Chengdu WUG Summer.

TianFu Panda Tower, Wuchazi Bridge, Danjingtai… each of the shots represents Chengdu’s characteristics. Combined with lively and exciting background music, these shots contribute to the success of the publicity film of the one-year countdown to the Chengdu WUG Summer. Broadcast on more than 1,500 publicity screens around the world, this film adds a beautiful landscape to these prosperous and bustling cities, and allows thousands of people with different skin colors and languages to feel the charm and enthusiasm of Chengdu, as well as sends a sincere invitation from Chengdu to the world.  

While seeing the film of the one-year countdown celebration of the Chengdu WUG Summer, citizen Sebastian stopped. “The site arrangement of the celebration is very creative and well-designed, bursting with passion. That’s in accordance with the impression of enthusiasm bestowed by the World University Games to the people.” Sebastian was tired from shopping in the mall near the University of Barcelona. He found a cafe, sat down and saw the celebration film. He admitted that what the film impressed him most was that the children played cute giant pandas and greeted everyone with lovely dances. He also said that the “Meet in Chengdu” rap show revealed youth and effort, allowing him to feel the enthusiasm of the city through the screen.

By innovating the forms of foreign communication, a small wise move achieve enormous publicity benefits

As a traditional way of foreign communication, the broadcast of publicity film is still an important means of improving the visibility of a city’s image, but to ensure the effect of publicity, we must continue to innovate the forms. With innovative ideas, this publicity exploits the communication carriers in the consumption scene, especially the communication carriers around the university, to improve its accuracy and accessibility. The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu WUG Summer told reporters: “In order to ensure the effectiveness, attractiveness and impressiveness of the publicity and deepen the influence of foreign communication, we take a wise move to integrate the publicity into the texture of overseas cities, and make Chengdu, Chengdu WUG Summer and other elements frequently appear in living spaces, such as bars, tea houses, cafes, convenience stores and so on near the university. On this basis, the information can be widely disclosed and accurately disseminated.”

In the next month, in addition to the broadcast of the publicity film of the one-year countdown to the Chengdu WUG Summer, the world map video with icons lit up by the university students from all over the world and of the world’s university students sending wishes will be broadcast in a loop on more than 1500 publicity screens, creating an atmosphere of global interaction with thousands of screens to celebrate the Chengdu WUG Summer. Besides, it’s expected that more than 2.3 million college students and middle-aged people will be the targets to be affected offline, aiming to better introduce Chengdu and Chengdu WUG Summer to the overseas.

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