Terminus Group Invests 1B Yuan to set up a new retail model

On September 1st, Terminus Group, the global leading smart service provider, together with Yixia Technology, the leading mobile video technology and service provider, announced a strategic plan of investing 1 billion yuan to set up a brand new MCN 2.0 (Multi-Channel Network) retail model in the age of internet celebrity to establish live streaming e-commerce.

Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group, has recently commented: ‘Terminus Group has been constantly putting effort into improving various commercial solutions with its cutting-edge AIoT technologies to further gain ground in the industry. That’s also a valuable opportunity for the company to deploy its AI CITY solutions and refine its technology based upon the outcome. The collaboration between Terminus Group and Yixia Technology will explore the new retail model driven by the technology, which will enhance Terminus Group’s experience in deployment of its independently designed smart solutions for the ecommerce sector.’

This cooperation between the two parties will surely optimize and improve the efficiency of live streaming e-commerce. The MCN retail model has been designed on the purpose of significantly increasing the online traffic, serving as a platform providing the necessary information for offline IP development, and excelling at the efficiency of the supply chain management. The influence and the popularity of Internet celebrities will be further digitally optimized based on the use of sophisticated AI algorithms, and the offline product experience will be significantly improved. The general concept of MCN 2.0 is to achieve another milestone in the development of ecommerce, and enable a seamless connection between the live commerce broadcasts and the direct suppliers of the goods advertised.

The new MCN 2.0 retail model will rely on the live streaming ecommerce platform to serve the purpose of the entry point promoting the new products listed on a weekly basis. The operational efficiency of MCN 2.0 will be greatly dependent on Terminus Group’s ability to deploy the advanced technology. The scale at which the solutions will be implemented rules out the companies with no significant prior experience in the traffic operation of multi-channel networks, providing Terminus Group with a great opportunity to establish another significant partnership.

As one of the pioneers in the live streaming industry in China, Yixia Technology has rooted in the field of the Internet celebrity live streaming for many years, and has successfully created a variety of widely popular short video platforms. Several products created by the company have strong foundations in the entertainment industry, and has close relations with Weibo.com, the most popular social platform in China which was named as China’s Twitter. Over the years, the company has evolved into much more than a live streaming platform as we know it today – it became an entire digital ecosystem with demonstrated experience and an excellent track record in achieving sustainable growth and thorough understanding of the influencer-driven live streaming e-commerce business. Some of the company’s short video platforms have managed to attract more than 10,000 famous influencers and Internet celebrities. With predicted rapid growth of the industry in the nearest future, the technical solutions currently worked on enabling the businesses to further expand by providing them with refined software architecture, developing technical solutions for emerging problems, and creating new business models.

Influencer-driven live streaming e-commerce is becoming the new major business model. More and more influencers will emerge in the ever-growing new economy model. Terminus Group plans to invest 1 billion yuan to build MCN 2.0, hoping to further contribute to the development of the influencer-driven e-commerce through the integration of online and offline services, and have its fair share in the revenues generated by the new retail model for the e-commerce business.

In the past, people’s access to information was vastly limited due to factors such as costs or lack of sufficient network infrastructure. Things have changed as time passed, making the users evolve from passive consumers of the information to content creators standing in the limelight, with huge e-commerce companies relentlessly fighting for their attention. Economical growth promotes the rapid development of information exchange channels, and the new online+offline retail model gradually starts do draw the consumers’ attention. Online multi-platforms help the influencers reach out to even wider audience, and combined with offline services and promotions, are more than likely to become a new driving force of the ‘influencer-driven’ e-commerce business model.

Following Terminus Group’s outstanding technical capabilities and the scale of its technology adoption, the company plans to deploy numerous touchless smart devices at multiple spots across the world, and subsequently enhance the user experience of the IoT devices. The new MCN business model is believed to be a new driving force of the local economy zones that will result in building entirely new supply chains. It is also predicted to have a strong positive impact on the traditional local industries and enable them to participate in the new e-commerce model proposed by Terminus Group in cooperation with Yixia Technology. 

About Terminus Group

Terminus Group is a world leading AI City and smart service provider, focusing on shaping the next generation with AIoT (Artificial Intelligence & the Internet of Things). Headquartered in Beijing, Terminus Group was founded by Victor AI in 2015, and has been devoting to providing customers with high quality products, which focused on AI CITY, and AI enabling solutions.

In July this year, Terminus Group was officially announced as the official Premier Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai, the only Chinese company get in the Premier Partner list. Terminus Group has launched its AI City projects in Chongqing and Shenyang, two capital cities in China, where Terminus Group will leverage strengths to boost local economy through the Nation’s New Infrastructure Projects.

Terminus Group’s innovative technology has been featured in Gartner’s technology trends report six times in a row, particularly in reference to its outstanding capabilities in the field of AIoT technologies. Leveraging by cutting-edge AIoT technologies Terminus Group has secured its place in many world-known awards, including Top 27 Edge Computing conducted by CB Insights, Top 30 Super AI Leader organized by World Artificial Intelligence Congress, Top 50 Consumer Technology awarded by KPMG, and more.

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