Reduce Acute and Chronic Muscular, Joint, and Nerve Pain with Dr. Stim

Reduce Acute and Chronic Muscular, Joint, and Nerve Pain with Dr. Stim
This newly-developed device has been proven to be effective for sciatica, hip pain, back pain, and many other kinds of pains.

New York, NY, USA – Dr. Stim is a new high tech medical device for the relief of back and nerve pain. About 8 in 10 people have experienced low back pain in their life. Back pain is considered as the most common reason why so many people visit their doctor. It is also a major reason behind disability globally. Another common health issue that many people go through is joint pain, especially hip and knees pain. People suffering from such kinds of joint or muscle pain feel discomfort, soreness, and aches constantly in their body. Sometimes, various injuries or diseases can also cause such pains, leading the patient to move uncomfortably or abuse pain medication due to the chronic pain. Numerous conditions can cause joint or muscle pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, gout, sprains, strains, or other injuries.

Some patients might suffer from a tolerable, mild form of joint and muscle pain, while for others, it can be severe. In some cases, the pain can go away within a few weeks. However, it may also last for numerous weeks or even months (chronic pain). No matter whether the pain lasts long or goes away quickly, it does affect a patient’s life in many ways. Pain effects people physically and mentally. Pain can lead to prescription drug addiction in some cases. Doctors now have a new tool to fight against pain.

Dr. Stim is type of TENS therapy, an incredible devise that has been created to be easy to use so that everyone that can operate a smart phone can operate it. The device is placed on the patient’s body parts where they feel the pain .Then the current travels through his skin to stimulate certain nerve pathways. The electric current is increases through the App all under the person controls on their phone. The App memorizes the level or program of your choice for future repeated treatments.  

  • Revolutionary new wireless Unit for muscle and joint pain
  • Operate on your phone directly, more easy and convenience.
  • Big Electrode pads suit for bigger part of body
  • W:58mm H:14mm, wireless, and mini size, built-in battery
  • Smart phone App control – through Bluetooth easy to use.
  • One App can control two devices at same time
  • Provide 6 modes and programs for your situation
  • Intensity of 20 levels with frequency of 1-110Hz
  • Designed to stimulate acupressure points
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • USB charger makes it safe in the home or car
  • Automatically powers down after each cycle

Dr. Stim is available at Manhattan Wellness Group shop and also on EBay this device is designed to help with any sort of muscle, nerve or joint pain to help patients live a comfortable life. It has been tested by numerous patients, and the results are remarkable. Patients now can fight the pain from the comfort of their home. Dr. Stim can help move people away from prescription drugs for pain. Dr. Stim is a trustworthy device that has been registered and cleared by the FDA. The experts from Manhattan Wellness group highly recommend it to people suffering from any musculoskeletal pain.

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