Blake Dalessio Has Single Handedly Created A New Paradigm In How To Become a Mega-Success – At 23 Years of Age, This Visionary Has Solidified His Philosophy With The Flexibility To Help Others

Blake Dalessio Has Single Handedly Created A New Paradigm In How To Become a Mega-Success - At 23 Years of Age, This Visionary Has Solidified His Philosophy With The Flexibility To Help Others
Blake is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. He has been successful in areas of expertise that others twice his age could only dream of. What is most unique about Blake’s success is that he has been able to envision a systematic approach that is replicatable by his clients, Alpha Students, and followers.

Los Angeles, California – September 7, 2020 – There are an incredible amount of people that are extremely talented yet are lacking the finesse and savvy to take themselves to new heights. Then there are the select few who have taken their talents and combined them with an innate gift to multiply their talents to higher levels than their peers. These are the people who have become leaders, such as: Bill Gates, Jerome Robbins, Nikolai Tesla, Warren Buffet, and others. It was not only their intelligence, but their ability to get their ideas across to others in an understandable way. 

Blake Dalessio, CEO and Founder of AXO Talent, deserves a spot in this list of noteworthy mega-successes. AXO is a versatile media production, digital marketing, and talent consulting agency that focuses on producing engaging content, establishing marketing solutions, and guiding ambitious visionaries. Alpha X Official believes in pursuing a career that involves doing what you love professionally and designing a new way to live. 

When Blake was 12,  he was making trades in the stock market with his iPod Touch. He was doing wholesale real estate flips by the time he was 16. Blake eventually bought his first car with the money he made from this, and by the time he was 18, he was making epic adventure videos with a GoPro. There was no stopping Blake Dalessio

In August of 2017, AXO Talent was born, which actually stands for Alpha X Official, meaning anyone can become a leader by doing what they love as a professional career. AXO has enabled Blake to consult other visionaries on how to level up professionally with personal branding, digital marketing/ network development, philosophy/ mindset/ mastery, brand startup/ business development, media production/ content strategy/ storytelling, and brand communications/ creating proposals/ closing clients. Since the launch in 2017, they have been on an incredible run helping over 1000 Alphas globally. Becoming an Alpha means becoming the best version of yourself. 

Alpha University is an educational video platform that teaches aspiring young visionaries the essentials of becoming a business leader. It teaches the supplemental skills necessary to pursuing a career path in the media, marketing, and talent industry. Students that graduate get the chance of becoming an Alpha in the AXO Talent pack once they show they are ready to level up professionally by passing an exam. They have also introduced the “Alphas” podcast, shop, and community. 

AXO Talent is different from other companies because of one simple reason. They show the world that there is a new way to live, and they provide hope for those who do not have any. The media they produce will make your jaw drop, and the stories they tell will give you a sense of enlightenment. They make it attainable for others to build a career doing what they love. There is a new way to live by pursuing a career doing what you love professionally. They are bringing dreams to reality. 

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