China To Hold 2020 Space Conference In September

The 2020 China Space Conference will be held from Sept. 18 to 21 in Fuzhou, capital city of east China’s Fujian Province, its organizers said.

2020 China Space Conference

Jointly hosted by the Chinese Society of Astronautics and the China Space Foundation, this year’s conference will bring together experts and scholars worldwide to exchange ideas on China’s strategic plans for post-epidemic space development, key technology breakthroughs, spatial information industry development along the Maritime Silk Road and international space cooperation.

At the conference, China will for the first time release 10 crucial scientific and engineering problems in the space field, the organizers said in a statement on Monday.

China to hold 2020 space conference in September

2019 China Space Conference

In order to open up commercial cooperation in the domestic space industry, gather international commercial space resources and promote the prosperity of the commercial space industry, taking the opportunity of 2019 China Space Day, Chinese Society of Astronautics, China Space Foundation and the Economic Development Center of State Administration of Science. Technology and Industry for National Defense co-host the 2019 China Space Conference – China (International) Commercial Space Symposium. The symposium is guided by the State Administration of Science. Technology and Industry for National Defense, China National Space Administration and the China Association for Science and Technology, organized by Future Aerospace Research Institute.

The forum is centered on the theme of “Chasing a Spaceflight Dream for All-Win”. It aims to focus on the integration of domestic and international commercial space advanced technology, explore and develop future space technology, and promote the commercial space industry to better serve economic construction and people’s lives. The forum is launched in a new mode of “Theme Forum + Industry Sub-Forum + Commercial Exhibition + Awards Dinner”. The form is novel and rich in content, helping the commercial space industry to move towards a new journey of openness, popularization, diversification and internationalization. Representatives from relevant departments of the state, relevant departments of Hunan Province, scientific research institutions, private enterprises, representatives of foreign space agencies, etc. will attend the event.

Initiated in 2018, the annual conference is committed to building a platform for international academic exchanges, space industrialization cooperation and science popularization.

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