Any Attorney That Practices Civil Law Needs an Extensive Set of Skills, Especially in Connecticut

Civil law of any type, both personal and commercial, can vary from state to state. The codified requirements, depending upon the type of civil law must be followed to the letter, and some states are stricter than others. Mark R. Carta, Esq. of Darien, Connecticut, can handle any form of civil law expeditiously and affordably. The entire area surrounding Darien is served by Attorney Carta, and he has decades of experience in all manner of civil law issues. Although every type of civil law must also follow the procedures set down by the Federal Government, the state requirements and even local, must also be followed judiciously. This becomes even more important in complex cases, and Mark Carta welcomes these types of cases. 

Civil law is not just restricted to divorce and family law, although that is included of course.

It is a form of law that encompasses many areas of practice and demands excellence in the knowledge of all the areas that an attorney practices, as well as knowledge of the procedures and methodologies involved. In addition, it takes a certain type of personality, as it requires great communication skills, flexibility and empathy for the parties and clients involved. Especially in the fields of mediation and arbitration, a skillful attorney will seek to establish a resolution that works for all parties involved, whether personal or commercial. Civil law can include everything from employment disputes, to executive compensation disputes (which might fall under contract law), real estate, divorce and family law, wills, trusts, estates, and even landlord/tenant disputes (another type of contract law). Even real estate law is a form of contract law, and must follow all federal, state, and even local provisions. 

Even the preparation of any will or settlement of an estate should be done with proper legal advice.

Too many times individuals will seek to prepare their own wills, or personally settle the estates of others, either family members or friends, only to find that it turns into a legal nightmare rather quickly and monies can be lost due to the incorrect completion of paperwork or the inaccuracy of procedures. Even when a trust is set up a good civil law attorney should be consulted. The loss of property or family strife can ensue if any will, estate settlement, or even trust is not properly executed. Divorce and other family law issues are also a cause for concern if individuals try to settle legal matters themselves. Even if both parties in any civil issue, either personal or commercial try to execute a negotiation themselves and are agreeable, issues can quickly escalate. While mediation is always a preferred method, litigation may be needed at some point and having a civil law attorney with the knowledge and skills to go to court should always be on hand throughout any proceedings. Do not go blindly into any area of civil law.

About Mark R. Carta, ESQ.

Attorney Mark R. Carta, ESQ, is a managing partner in Carta, McAlister & Moore, LLC of Darien, CT. His practice encompasses almost all aspects of civil law, and he services an extensive area that surrounds Darien, CT. He is a member of Super Lawyers, and a Legus Law Member, which allows globalization of a practice. He believes in kindness, steadfastness, and the power of the written word in the practice of law. 

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